Sick Day Tips to Get You Through The Winter

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Because Moms Don't Get Sick Days #sickdaytips

The holiday season is over and we’re now in that long winter stretch of germ season that lasts till spring. It is my least favorite time of year. But pretending it isn’t coming doesn’t do anything to prepare me for it, so I always take preventative measures as winter is approaching and stock up on some essentials to get us through if and when sickness hits. I thought I would share a bit about how I try to prevent and prepare, in case it helps your family through some sickness as well. Because when it comes to germs and preventing their spread, we’re all in this together right? Read More

Why Probiotics Are Important For Your Pet’s Overall Health Too

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How Adding Kittens To Our Home Has Been the Perfect Pairing For Our Family | Oh Lovely Day

When we adopted our kitties Dusty and Pearl last summer, we went into it knowing we were making a big commitment. We were adding these kittens to our family and they would be with us for a significant portion of our kids’ lives while they live at home with us. They were becoming members of our family, and as such we wanted to treat and take care of them like family. That is why I care about what they eat and want to ensure their food meets all of their nutritional needs and helps optimize their overall wellness. I am a big proponent of probiotics for my human family members and that was no different for our feline family. Pets need probiotics too! Dusty and Pearl get theirs in their Purina® Pro Plan® Savor® food.Read More

Why We Keep Up With Swim Lessons in the Winter

Why We Love Our Lessons at Goldfish Swim School | ohlovelyday.comWe have loved our lessons this year at Goldfish Swim School. But as winter set in and my husband was headed back to California for work for a few weeks I definitely considered taking a little break for the cold weather months. When I really thought about it though, I realized that it was really important for us to continue our lessons throughout the winter, rather than taking some time off. Here’s why:Read More

Listening To Your Mom Gut When It Comes To Your Child’s Illness + How Listening to Mine Told Me My Son Had Appendicitis

How I Learned To Listen To My Mom Gut + Knew My Son Needed to be seen for appendicitis rather than just having a stomach bug |

When you’re a mom you worry each time your child is sick or hurt. You call your pediatrician over every fever when you are a new mom. If you have more children you mellow out a bit more with each one. By the time I had three kids I always worked from a place of “my child is fine unless they show me otherwise.” You hear people say “follow your gut” but you wonder if you’re gut will know when something is truly wrong. I’ve now had a very big scare with each of my kids that all turned out to be fairly serious. I thought that by sharing here it might help fellow parents recognize when something feels off with their child and to recognize that is their gut telling them something is wrong.Read More

Tips to Get Your Photos Organized + Make Those Family Albums

tips for organizing photos and making family albums.1

You take approximately one million family photos with your phone until you reach your phone limit. And then when you’re forced to clean your phone off you probably back them up to a random file on your computer or cloud. But most of us probably never get around to organizing or displaying those memories. It’s a shame, and definitely one of the downsides to our phones being our primary memory recorder. Yes, it’s super convenient and we have way more photos of our kids now then when you had to dig out the old point-and-shoot or DSLR, but because there are so many we often neglect organizing and actually printing them. So I thought I’d share a few easy tips for keeping your family photos organized so you can access, print, and display them — so you can stop only documenting your memories, but actually preserving them as well.Read More

Focusing on Gut Health + Overall Wellness in the New Year

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My thoughts on turning 40
2018 was the year I focused on my health. First, I changed what I was putting into my body, in adding things that would help me and removing things that would not. Since I have Hashimoto’s, the first thing that had to go was gluten. Yup, bread, pasta, beer — it all had to go, or at least be modified to gluten-free. Next, I did some experimenting with food, eliminating known inflammation triggers like dairy. I added them back in one at a time to see how each one made me feel once I had eliminated them. I found a new way of eating and working out called the Faster Way to Fat Loss (FWTFL​) and it was a game changer for me! I also did a food sensitivity test and used those results to help guide me in what foods to avoid or temporarily eliminate. Read More