My Solo Parenting Experience + Tips For Making It Through

Our First Six Months In Columbus

Since leaving Los Angeles to move to Columbus, Ohio I have done three separate phases of solo parenting, the shortest being 50 days and the longest being 10 weeks. As you would imagine, solo parenting is incredibly challenging. Solo parenting three small boys is insanely hard. Put all of that on top of moving to a new home, state, part of the country and it is basically insanity. My husband has worked in the entertainment industry for 20+ years. When we moved to Columbus we knew that it would be a challenge for him professionally, but finding a job here in Columbus has been really tough. We’ve found almost nothing that he is a fit for experience-wise (teaching would be wonderful but everything asks for a Master’s), so he has gone back to LA two more times to work there at his old job (he works on the show Big Brother for CBS). It is hard for us to be without him, but it is also incredibly tough for him to leave each time. But, we all do what we have to do for our family. I thought that perhaps sharing my experience, how I struggled each time, and what got me through could be helpful to anyone else parenting on their own — whether it is for a weekend, a week, a month, or permanently.Read More

What’s On My Kids’ Bookshelf

the kids' books that are in heavy rotation in our house right now

My kids LOVE books and we have about a million of them. We frequently rotate the books on our shelves so that we see new ones, even though they aren’t “new” to our collection. I’ve often been asked about our favorite books or the ones seen on our shelves on Instagram so I thought I would share what is currently on our bookshelves and in heavy rotation at our house. First, our favorites by kid/age:Read More

How to Do Your Own Faux Wainscoting

how to do your own faux wainscoting |

If you saw my dining room update post, or my IG story teasers back when we were doing this project, then you’ve been waiting patiently for this faux wainscoting post. Because it completely transformed our dining room from a sad/drab/ugly space to a bright and cheery spot that has quickly become a family favorite. After I received many, many, MANY requests on IG for details on how to do this I decided to throw together a DIY post for you guys. But first, let’s revisit what the room looked like before…Read More

Our Dining Room Update

Sharing our dining room updates so far, with some DIY wainscoting and a little paint |

Our dining room has just been sitting and patiently waiting for someone to give it a little attention. But it was low priority for me and I wasn’t sure what to do with it honestly. It is off of our kitchen and open to a living space that is also in a holding pattern (it is currently called the “Nugget Room” because our Nugget lives in there). It is also carpeted, which drives me insane. Eventually I’d like to expand our kitchen into the dining space and turn the front living space into a dining area, and pull up all the carpet for hardwoods. But for the time being I decided to finish the dining room so that it is functional and beautiful to look at until we get to a point of renovating. Really, it only took a couple of DIY projects and some paint. Read More

Tips for Helping Your Little Ones Poop When They Can’t (or Won’t) Go

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How To Help Your Kids Poop When They Can't or Won't Go

If someone asked me: “what is the most surprising part of being a parent?” I think I would have to respond: “how much time I spend trying to convince my kids to poop.” Seriously! Kids, on principal, do not like to poop and often need a little help moving things along. I think this is especially true when you start potty training. I’m potty training my youngest right now and he keeps doing the “holding it” thing. Since this is an issue all parents will experience eventually, I thought I would share some tips on keeping your kiddos regular and what to do when they aren’t.

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Real Talk With Real Moms: Going From One Kid To Two, and From Two Kids to Three

Quincy's Newborn Session + brother photos | Oh Lovely Day

Hindsight is a funny thing. Whatever stage of parenthood you are currently in feels like the hardest. But when you add a baby to the family, things always get harder and whatever stage you were just in looks like a cakewalk in retrospect. The challenges increase, but so does the joy and love (and sleepless nights). Now that we’re done having kids and my babies aren’t really babies anymore I feel like I can look back and really see what stages were the hardest. For us, going from 0-1 kids was life-changing. Going from 1-2 had its challenges but was mostly pretty smooth. But going from 2 kids to 3 turned our worlds upside down for a while, in ways both good and bad. But to be completely honest, it was brutal on me for a while. Three years later, I’m finally getting my physical and mental health back, my marriage is recovering from the stress that kids and PPD and colic can bring. I think that the hardships lie more with the specific person (baby or grown up) than whether it is your first baby or your fourth. This was my family’s experience in going from one kid to two, and two to three. Read More