FWTFL Tips and recipes guide

Chandra shares her tips, product recommendations, and favorite recipes to help make your FASTer Way to Fat Loss journey a success. Just 5 months ago she was the heaviest she has ever been after three babies, age, and hypothyroidism brought her metabolism to a halt. Diet changes, exercise, restrictive ways of eating — she tried it all and nothing worked. And then she found the FWTFL and after one round was down two sizes, lost 9 inches, and felt better than she had in years — and without working out even once. After completing two rounds she has figured out how to turn her body into a fat burning machine and has simplified it to help it work for busy moms just like her — and her FWTFL Guide was born.

This is meant to be a companion to the FWTFL program. If you haven’t yet signed up for the program, do that here first (tip: if you use that link I’ll send you this guide for free).