Experience Gifting: More Adventures, Less Stuff

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More adventure, less stuff: giving the gift of experiences and fun

I’m a huge fan of experiences, adventures, and making memories. If I were to win the lottery the first thing I would be planning (after paying off any debt, of course) would be an amazing family trip. When my husband and I got married, we had a honeymoon registry (back when no one had really heard of a honeymoon registry) and it was one of the best decisions we made. And our guests loved being able to choose a gift like “dinner in Rome” or “a bottle of wine in Florence” or “museum entry in Paris.” Gifting stories over stuff is the way to go in my book. So when I learned about Tinggly, I knew I had to share it.Read More

The Importance of Oral Health During Motherhood

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Fall fun and apple picking at Lynd Fruit Farm in Columbus, OhioYou want to know something that I don’t think anyone warned me about before I had kids? How much pregnancy and motherhood takes a toll on your oral health. I kid you not, in the years since I became a mother I have had two crowns and two root canals, as well as several cavity fillings. Before my first pregnancy I maybe had two cavities total. What changed? KIDS! And it is not a coincidence. During a recent visit to my dentist’s office I talked to my dentist about the importance of oral health during motherhood and why it can be such a challenge for so many of us. Read More

The Right Way To Start + Grow A Successful Blog

The right way to start and grow a successful blog

So you want to start a mom blog (or any blog)? You aren’t alone! It seems like every other mom wants to start a blog or an “influencer” Instagram account these days. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw your hat in the ring, but you should know that way more work goes into a successful blog than most people think. It is very unlikely that you’ll be successfully bringing home money to pay the bills right out of the gate. In fact, many make no money at all. Part of that is due to the oversaturation of mom blogs and part is because you have no audience (influence) yet. Because of that you get sucked in to the “work for free” trap. Brands reach out, or you might reach out to them, and offer very little in trade in order to get your free marketing. I’m going to share why doing this actually devalues you and the entire blogging community and is one of the biggest mistake new bloggers make. There are also legal and ethical rules surrounding blogging and influencer marketing that many are simply unaware of. I’ve seen so many new bloggers make costly mistakes (to both their reputation and wallet) that could have been avoided if they educated themselves before they started their blog. I’m sharing my 10+ years of blogging experience and my 15+ years of legal experience to help you start a successful blog and avoid all of those new blogger traps and costly mistakes.Read More

Delicious Fish Taco Bowls (A Paleo-Friendly + FWTFL recipe!)

Fresh + Healthy Fish Taco Bowls: paleo-friendly and FWTFL compliant

One of my favorite things to eat in the summer are fish tacos. They are so light, refreshing, and delicious. They also go great with margs, and any marg-friendly food is a favorite of mine 🙂 I often make these as bowls to make them a bit healthier, especially since I avoid gluten. You can use GF corn tortillas or corn chips if you prefer, or can even use a lettuce wrap to make them more like a taco. These are paleo-friendly and are also one of my favorite FWTFL low carb or low macro day meals. This recipe is one of the 8 recipes I include in my Healthy Eating Tips + Recipes Guide (FWTFL and paleo-friendly), which you can download here. But I wanted to share one recipe for free to give you a good idea of what is included. So, here ya go!

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Summer Style Round-Up (in time for Memorial Day Sales) + Swimsuits You’ll Actually Want to Wear

Mom-Friendly Spring and Summer Style basics for 2019 season

I tend to stick to a “capsule” for each season. Some pieces are sustainable and timeless staples I wear every year and a few are more on trend pieces that are more affordable but don’t last beyond that style’s moment. For this year’s Spring/Summer 2019 Style Capsule, I included some tried and true favorites:

A good summer weight button down shirt: My favorite style are the Central and Courier Shirts from Madewell. They are slightly oversized and drapey, but just enough. This yellow is a great bold color choice, and this striped one is also pretty for summer and would work well into fall. This indigo one from Target is a really soft and drapey Tencel and a budget-friendly option.

A breezy summer dress: This striped sleeveless shirtdress is my new favorite and is the perfect dress for summer at a great price. This one is also really lovely, especially in white.

Denim cutoffs: I feel like IG influencers are always recommending denim cutoffs, and every time I see them I’m like “yeah, maybe on your size 2 body, but those will never work on my size 10 frame!” They are often too tight and usually too short. I like my cut-offs to be a 5 inch inseam and these from Madewell are made for curvy bodies like mine. These from Old Navy are slimmer but also 5 inches, so better for slimmer thighs when you still want a tiny bit more length.

You can shop them directly below and you can also find them in my LIKEtoKNOW.it profile. I regularly update these with current links with style selects for each season.

Most of these are on sale now and are favorites from Madewell, J.Crew (currently having a 40% off sale!) Target, and Old Navy.


cute mom-friendly swimsuits

Ok, next let’s talk swimsuits! The only thing I used to hate more than shorts were swimsuits. But not this year. This year I feel better about myself and I also got to a point where I have no effs to give. I’m not letting a little cellulite or wobbly bits or a lack of thigh gap or a belly pooch that grew three babies to stop me from wearing a swimsuit and have fun with my kids this summer. I’m done with that. Let’s all wear the swimsuits! Here are a bunch of cute ones that will help us fake it till we make it 🙂


So, who’s in? Who is gonna wear a swimsuit and some cut offs and just have fun with their kids this summer? Thighs and wobbly bits and cellulite and all.

Potty Training Tips + Things That Help Us When Potty Training

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy on the InsideWe’re in the midst of potty training over here (for the last time, yay!)  It isn’t going as smoothly as I expected or as easy as it did with my older two. I guess I just thought that the baby brother would want to be just like his older brothers and would take to it rather quickly. But Quincy… well, Quincy can’t be forced to do anything before he is ready and it seems like he just isn’t quite ready. He is three and a couple months and while he has successfully used the potty a couple of times it seems to have actually caused him more problems in the long run. He now holds his poop for days which causes constipation and harder to pass bowel movements. He can’t be bribed with a sticker chart or rewards or new undies, which worked great with my oldest son at a much younger age. He is also my oldest to start preschool (he’ll start this fall) so we haven’t been able to rely on his seeing his peers going potty to get him over the threshold of being interested, which is what worked for my middle son.

I get lots of requests for a potty training post and I’ve wanted to share one for a while (I actually had one drafted after we potty trained Calvin but it just never came to life), but since I can’t seem to potty train Quincy I started to feel like a fraud. How can I give advice on potty training when I can’t potty train my own? But then I realized I have potty trained two other kids and I have learned a lot from trying to potty train Quincy, and while we aren’t there quite yet I think I’ve got a lot to share on the topic that might be helpful to those of you who are also attempting or preparing or in the midst of potty training.Read More