3 Easy Ways I Cut Our Family Expenses By $2000

3 simple ways we cut our family expenses and saved over $2000 our first year! Whether you need to save more money or spend less, or not, no one likes to spend money unnecessarily. As a stay-home, work from home mother who is married to a creative (writer, actor, filmmaker) staying within budget has become a major priority for us. And it probably took me too long to figure out where we were spending money unnecessarily or areas we could easily cut to save quite a bit. In case you haven’t made these changes yourself, I thought I would share how I saved our family over $2000 last year by doing just these three things:Read More

Paper Goods and Wedding Stationery from Little Bit Heart + A Giveaway

Paper goods from Little Bit Heart: Custom Wedding Invitations, Save-the-Dates, birth announcements, custom illustrations + moreI’ve always been a sucker for pretty paper and good design. The stationery suite and paper goods were some of my favorite details from my wedding. I look forward to holiday cards and birth announcements. I choose products by their pretty labels. I spend more time on a well-designed website than its less pretty counterparts. You might have noticed that I recently had a facelift here at Oh Lovely Day, and the beautiful and clean design was done by the ladies of Little Bit Heart. They did such a fabulous job and were such a treat to work with that I wanted to share more about the services they provide. If you’re on the hunt for a wedding stationery designer or are looking to rebrand your business or revamp your website, these ladies are the best! And they are giving away a set of 5 custom illustrations, like the pretty map illustration you see in the photo above, to one lucky reader. These are so perfect to illustrate a love story on your save the date (your first date, where you got engaged) or on a map for your invitation set. So be sure to enter at the end of the post! Read More

Creating a Mom-Friendly Capsule Wardrobe

Such great tips for simplifying your closet and wardrobe by building a capsule wardrobe that is stylish and mom-friendly! Shares basics, that you can use to build your wardrobe that are budget-friendly, comfortable, baby wearing and nursing friendly, and stylish too. Must pin for moms (or any woman)I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a capsule wardrobe for a while (if you don’t know what that is, go here to read more about the concept), but being pregnant and nursing and carrying postpartum weight (still), I haven’t felt ready to commit and also don’t want to buy any new clothing that I (hopefully) won’t be able to wear once I get back in better shape. But then I started thinking about how I tend to wear the same 5 things now already (beyond the standard t-shirt and yoga pants) and how, after three babies, I’ve pretty much figured out the perfect uniform for this phase of life: comfy but still stylish enough to make you feel put together, babywearing-friendly, nursing-friendly, extra weight-friendly, affordable, and transitions well from season to season. My wardrobe issues were/are:

  • I look in my closet full of clothes and find nothing that I want to wear or that fits me well. There is nothing I really LOVE to put on.
  • I find myself spending money on the cheap stuff to have “options” or because it was on sale, and then I never really wear it because it falls into the first issue and doesn’t really look good on me.
  • When I do find something I love, I end up wearing it almost daily because it is what I feel the best in, and then I wear it out. (my favorite jumpsuit has faded and gotten pilly after one million wears, my favorite jeggings have holes in them near the pockets, etc.)

Do any of those issues sound familiar to you? Have a closet full of stuff but nothing to wear? Do most of your things make you go “meh” or just not fit at all? Maybe a capsule wardrobe is right for you too. I think a capsule wardrobe is an especially great idea for moms because our lives are complicated enough already. We get very little time for ourselves. Why not simplify our closet, having only a few options to choose from day to day (you can have a couple special pieces for date night or a special occasion or if you have  an event, wedding, etc. also) that you always love to wear, feel great in, and that never go out of style?

So I thought I would share my mom uniform (can we call it a momiform?) pieces that I tend to wear over and over because they fit the above criteria. And I’m throwing in some accessories as well, because a good hat or sunnies are momiform essentials and you can wear them no matter what stage you’re in or what size you are 🙂  All of the items pictured above are linked to under their categories below and you can shop most of them directly at the bottom of the post as well!Read More

Must Have Baby-Proofing Products

The 10 Babyproofing essentials you need to cover all your baby safety bases

Baby proofing isn’t as fun to research or shop for as other baby gear categories, but it is probably one of the most important things to think about as a parent. It is about safety, after all. No, the knobs and latches aren’t cute. But they can save your baby’s life. While I certainly don’t think you need to add bumpers and padding to every single corner and hard surface in your home, I do think protecting your baby from toxic cleaning products, heavy furniture, and other safety hazards is pretty easy with the right products. So I rounded up my top 10 baby proofing essentials that every home should have.

  1. Munchkin Multi-use Latches: These things are amazing. You can pretty much use them to latch anything shut — cabinets, the toilet, the refrigerator, the oven — all without needing to do any drilling or causing any damage. A must-have.
  2. Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps: It is so important to secure large furniture like dressers and bookshelves to the wall to prevent tipping over on your children if they climb or pull on it. These wall straps are essential.
  3. TV safety strap: Our TV is placed up high where it can’t be reached by little ones, but even still (and especially since we are in earthquake territory) it needs to be secured to the wall or furniture. These straps make it really easy to do that.
  4. Window blind cord wraps: I feel like this is one you don’t realize is a hazard until you are a parent, but window blind cords are really dangerous. These wraps make it simple to secure and keep them out of reach, which is way easier and more reliable than trying to knot them like I originally did. And it actually looks nicer too. So easy to install as well!
  5. Outlet covers: This is probably the simplest and fastest way to do some basic baby proofing. These simply go into each outlet, keeping them inaccessible from tiny fingers. There are many different kinds, but these have worked great for us.
  6. Power Strip Covers: Sometimes we go around and cover all of our outlets, but we forget about accessible power strips. That’s why this power strip cover made the list.
  7. Finger Pinch Guards: These are actually brilliant and help keep little fingers safe from pinches and smashes due to closing doors. It can also keep little ones and pets from accidentally getting locked in a room.
  8. Safety Gate: We don’t have stairs, so I don’t use a gate, but when Charlie was a baby we lived in a home with stairs and this was a must. But you can also use them to keep baby limited to one room (or out of one room) etc. And I love this one from Munchkin if you’re looking to add a gate to a frequently seen space because it looks more stylish while still providing safety and security. It also has a turnkey mount, making it simple to install without drilling.
  9. Oven Knob Covers: I didn’t need these with Charlie — he never even tried to touch the oven — but Calvin tried to turn the oven knobs as soon as he could reach, so on these went. Better safe than sorry, right?
  10. Magnetic Cabinet Locks: Another brilliant and simple baby safety product are these magnetic cabinet locks. You don’t need to install them or drill into your cabinets, and they aren’t hard to unlock when you need to get into the cabinet yourself. It doesn’t matter what type of knob or pull you have either. Genius and a must have.

What are your favorite baby safety products or baby proofing methods? I really don’t think you need to baby proof every single thing in your house. I’m a big believer in leaving things as normal as possible and teaching your baby not to touch certain things. But there are just some areas that should be secured and aren’t worth the risk, especially when it is so simple to prevent injury or death. At the end of the day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


*this post contains some affiliate links. if you click on the link and buy the product, I may make a small commission (at no additional cost to you), which helps me continue to bring you lovely content here on Oh Lovely Day. Thanks for the support! You can also bypass these links if you prefer.

How To Breastfeed A Baby While Managing A Toddler + More Tips for Having Two Under 2

such great tips for how to manage two kids under 2, especially with a newborn!As I was expecting my third baby I often wondered how I would manage my other two children with a newborn. I wanted to make sure they all got enough love and attention and that all of their needs were met. I was afraid my middle child would be too rough with the baby, since he was only 17 months older. And I was pretty sure I would never conquer leaving the house with all of them on my own ever again.

In all honesty, having two under two was way harder for me than having three kids total. With my oldest being 3 1/2 years older than my middle, I hadn’t yet faced the challenges and struggles of having two so close in age. I definitely found that to be the hardest part. And probably the biggest challenge for me was something that never occurred to me until I had the new baby and was facing the issue head on — how the heck do I breastfeed the newborn while managing my toddler at the same time!? Read More

My Love-Hate Relationship With Wifi

give yourself a wifi makeover with EeroAs a work-from-home mom with little ones at home, there are two things I desperately need to make it through each day: coffee and wifi. My coffee never fails me. But my wifi? Ugh, my wifi… We live in a home built in the 1930’s with lots of cellular and wifi dead zones. We can only FaceTime in one room, I have to hold my phone in a very specific way to get any service in my bed. And the wifi never works in the boys’ room, which means no iPad games or movies in bed on sick days. On top of all that, my wifi was constantly in need of rebooting. When you only have an hour nap to get work done or desperately need your kids to watch a show on the iPad so you can take a quick shower, those dead zones and reboots are a real pain in the ass. But all that changed thanks to EeroRead More