An Open Letter To the Partners of Women Suffering From Postpartum Depression and Anxiety


Postpartum depression and anxiety is so misunderstood and so much more common than you realize. A must read for every woman suffering and every partner of a woman suffering -- ways to support her in healing and recovery and what to look for. Something every couple should read before they have a baby!Dear Partner of the Woman Who Might Not Seem Like The Same Person Since She Had a Baby:

I know how confusing it must be for you at this time — to be navigating the world of new parenthood, deep in sleep deprivation and feelings of both extreme joy and overwhelming exhaustion. I know it must be a bit scary to look at the woman who gave birth to that new baby — a woman you thought you knew really well but suddenly don’t recognize. Not because she looks different than she used to (although she likely has changed in that way too). But more than that, she acts differently. She treats you differently. She might cry a lot. She might rip your head off. She might not act like she wants you around while also letting you know she wants you close by. She might be critical and picky and controlling. She might lose her shit over spilled milk, especially if it is breastmilk. You might say something you find to be quite benign or even kind, and it will set her off. You might think she’s a bitch. You might try to fight her on these things. You might feel it necessary to tell her to “relax” or remind her that the things that seem to upset or overwhelm her “aren’t a big deal” or “aren’t worth getting so upset over.” But before you do that, I want to tell you something. And if you are really open to hearing it and really love that woman, it will change everything. Are you ready?Read More

tips for preserving and displaying family photos + discounts for some of my favorite photo books

Brilliant hacks for organizing, storing, and displaying family photos

So you take a million family photos with your phone, am I right? And then what happens to them? Usually nothing. You may dump them into a folder on your computer whenever your phone is full and you need to clean it off, but then you never organize, look at, or display those memories. It’s a shame, and definitely one of the downsides to our phones being our primary memory recorder. Yes, it’s super convenient and we have way more photos of our kids now then when you had to dig out the old point-and-shoot or DSLR, but because there are so many we often neglect organizing and actually printing them. So I thought I’d share a few easy tips for keeping your family photos organized so you can access, print, and display them. Read More

When You Have 10 Minutes Pt. 2: Abs, Arms + Posture

When You Have 10 Minutes: Simple and effective exercises that tone your body that you can do at home in ten minutes without any equipment. Perfect pilates-like moves to help moms move their postpartum bodies!Well it took a little longer than we originally planned (that’s life with kids, am I right?) but I’m happy to share Workout 2 in the When You Have 10 Minutes home workout series with Balanced Method Pilates. If you missed the first one, you can find it here. This workout focuses on arms, abs, and posture, although it works other areas as well. And again, it is WAY outside my comfort zone to post photos and videos of me working out — but I think showing you that I can do it with my extra pounds and rolls — makes it more believable that you can do it too. This is me, over a year postpartum and not where I hoped to be (or where I have been after babies 1 + 2). I blame my age, my thyroid issues, the fact that I’m still nursing, Quincy’s colic and reflux, sleep deprivation, and a lot of comfort eating. But I’m so ready to do better, to feel better, and to be better. I can do it, and so can you. So let’s go!Read More

Ways to Beat Summer Break Boredom With Your Kiddos

ways to beat summer break boredom with your kidsSince this weekend is the unofficial start of summer and many of your kids are already embarking upon their summer break from school (mine has two more weeks) I know as parents we are all fighting some mixed feelings. There’s a sense of adventure and a more laid back attitude that summer brings. But it also comes with having one more kid at home all day (who is too old to nap and give me a break) and sometimes balancing all of our schedules means there is some downtime to deal with that we aren’t used to. While it might be nice at first, when the newness of being home wears off there’s an antsy boredom that can set in. And while I’m fine with the occasional movie for my oldest, I’d also like to come up with some fun ways to bust us out of a summer boredom rut. I do think it is ok for kids to be allowed the time to get bored and figure out somethings they like to do. But as a work-from-home-mom with two other young children, sometimes I need some tools on hand to help as well. One is a fun summer day camp, which my oldest will be going to for part of the summer. And I thought I would round up some of my other favorite toys, games, and ways to beat summer break boredom. Read More

Real Talk With Real Moms: Vacationing With Kids

Vacationing With Kids: Destinations, Tips, Tricks, and Survival

The phrase “vacationing with kids” is pretty much an oxymoron when you have small children. Traveling is usually so much work that vacation is just not the right word. But the adventure and memories made are almost always worth it. At least, that’s what I tell myself each time I’m planning a trip.

I’ve traveled with one kid, with two kids, and now with three. It’s funny how it felt really tough at each stage, and now looking back I think “what was hard about traveling with one kid? Traveling with one really IS a vacation!” And while it doesn’t get any easier the more kids you have, you do get better at it. So I thought I’d share a few lessons learned about “family vacations” and traveling with small children. Read More

Family Meal Planning Tips and Ideas + Free Downloadable Meal Planning Worksheet

Tips and Ideas for Family Meal Planning: How one mom of three finally figured out how to meal plan successfully without a ton of work. Great tips for healthy meals that are family pleasers and save money by planning ahead!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but meal planning and preparing used to be one of my least favorite parts of this motherhood thing. My husband can make a mean PB+J and reheat leftovers, but that’s as far as his culinary skills reach. I’d say I have basic cooking skills but I’m more of a ultilitarian cook — I do it because it needs done but I don’t love it or find it relaxing. It isn’t something that I do simply because I enjoy it. I think one reason is we are renters and city dwellers, so we don’t have a great kitchen. It is separate from the living space so it removes me from the rest of the family and prevents me from keeping a good eye on the kids. I often do a lot of back and forth between them and the cooking, which can get annoying. Also, I’ve always been really intimidated by planning meals ahead of time. It has never been a strength of mine but especially not since having so many kids. Sometimes I feel like I live minute-to-minute and don’t think about what to have for dinner until about 4:30 pm when it is usually too late to make anything that needed some extra time or planning (like thawing something). But now that I finally have a handle on having three kids I set a goal for myself to start meal planning on a regular basis. I’m three months in and it is going really well! Once you get a handle on it things are much more manageable.

If you are a busy parent and are struggling with how to prepare and cook healthy, homemade meals for your family without spending a ton of time or money doing it, then this post is for you. Read More