Real Talk with Real Moms: Our Morning Routine

real talk with real moms on morning routinesToday’s post is really fun because I’ve been asked to be part of a Real Moms Series with a group of other bloggers who are also mommas to share our experiences on different topics. They’ve been doing the series for about a year and have covered lots of issues that are must-reads. For me, this fits in perfectly with my mission of sharing real experiences and taking an honest look at motherhood — both beautiful and challenging and sometimes really effing hard. Because in the battlefield of motherhood, we are all on the same side and we are all better when we help, and are helped, by each other. So I’m honored to join this group of women in sharing a bit more about my own experience below.Read More

Feeding and Mealtime Essentials for Babies + Toddlers

If you have a baby or a toddler, or both at the same time, you know how messy and frustrating mealtime can often get. Figuring out baby’s first foods and letting them explore self-feeding; managing picky toddlers and their insistence on feeding themselves combined with their inability to actually get any of that food in their mouths — you’ve got a lot on your plate (pun intended!). I find it really helpful to have feeding tools that simplify mealtime and help facilitate the actual eating of the food and drinking of the drinks. I’ve been really vocal about my love of the feeding products from Munchkin here on Oh Lovely Day and in my instagram feed. Their products take both safety and convenience into account, which really makes things easier for both the little ones and the grown ups. So I thought I would share some of my absolute essential feeding and mealtime tools and why we love them so much. I’ve also linked to where you can get them all at the bottom of the post for your convenience.

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Creative Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

30 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Looking for unique and creative ways to decorate Easter eggs this season? I’ve rounded up 30 for you — some simple, some elaborate, most kid-friendly, and all super festive! If you are looking for a way to get creative or have older children, many of these are sure to please. Scroll down for lots of ideas!

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Oh Lovely Day’s Favorite Places in LA: The Getty Center

Best kid-friendly places to visit in LA that grown-ups will also love: The Getty Center

One of my favorite places to visit before I had kids was The Getty. It is such a beautiful compound, perched high above the 405 freeway. While it is an art museum, the entire place is one large piece of art in itself. It contains beautiful gardens, has breathtaking views of the city, and is a wonderful place to get lost for the day. But the last time I had been to The Getty prior to this visit was a week before I was due with my first child. It never occurred to me to be a kid-friendly place and it sort of fell off my radar for years. It is no secret that LACMA is our favorite museum to visit as a family, but The Getty is also incredibly family-friendly and definitely should be a place on your list to visit. And I’m adding it to my Oh Lovely Day’s Fave Places in LA list.Read More

The Ultimate Guide To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Brilliant tips + advice for how to help your baby sleep through the night, no matter what kind of sleeper they are or what sleep issues they have. From a mom of 3 who knows! A MUST PIN!

UPDATE; Since I posted this I have received some objection to letting a baby cry at all. Some people were rude and judgey and some were kind and respectful. All I can tell you, which I feel like I say already in this post but I want to stress it again, is that you have to figure out what is right for you. What I’m sharing is what was right for my family. I did a lot of research, talked to mothers that I trusted, talked to our pediatrician, read books, and made a decision with my husband to give this a try. It worked for us. It brought more harmony to our home and allowed me to get some desperately needed sleep. I didn’t do this with a newborn. I didn’t let them cry all night long. I didn’t do it if they were sick or teething or if they seemed ‘off’ like something else was going on. I totally understand that this might not be for everyone and also that not everyone will agree with me. I’m not saying this is the ONLY way. It is just one way, especially if other ways haven’t worked for you. If this way isn’t for you, don’t do it. If you disagree, don’t read it. 

Sleeping through the night is sort of the holy grail of parenthood. Everyone wants it to happen, only some seem to get it. Is it luck? Is there a trick to it? My answer: a little of both. But I do think that every baby is capable of sleeping through the night — sometimes they just need to be given the right tools and other times it comes naturally.

I used to think “anyone can get their baby to sleep through the night if they take the time to teach them. It isn’t that hard, you just have to be committed.” And then I had Quincy. Quincy is not a great sleeper. He never has been. I attribute much of that to the fact that he had reflux and spent his first 6-8 months trying to sleep through a condition that caused him a lot of pain. But I contributed to his poor sleep habits a bit too. He may not be a great sleeper, but he is capable of it when I’m able to commit to being consistent. For example, he sleeps better when I’m able to put him to bed by 6:30 pm. But having two older children and a husband who (when working) doesn’t get home until almost 6:30 himself makes that almost impossible. And I know that he wakes up at night to nurse, purely because he knows I’ll come in and nurse him. When I only had one child, or even when I had two, I wouldn’t have done this. I wanted and needed my sleep and I knew they needed to learn to self soothe (except when they were sick or teething, of course.) But with Quincy, I’m SO tired that I would rather quickly nurse him and have him go back to sleep so that I can as well instead of letting him cry and put himself back to sleep, but also keeping me awake for much longer. So those night wakings? Those are on me. And I know it.

Having had three babies, two of which slept through the night at a pretty young age, I can tell you with certainty that all babies are different. Not all babies are capable of “sleeping through the night” as you think of that concept. Not all will be put down at 7 pm and sleep until 7 am. But I do think every baby can be taught to how to sleep on their own, and if yours still isn’t by 6 months old then there may be a bigger reason than “he’s not a good sleeper.” I think some of us are given naturally good sleepers and others are given babies who need to be taught how to soothe themselves. I’ve had both. So instead of telling you that I can teach you to train your baby to sleep through the night (even though I probably could and it would work for most of you) I’m going to share ways to help your baby learn to sleep better and share some tips or products that have helped me with specific sleep issues.Read More

3 Easy Ways I Cut Our Family Expenses By $2000

3 simple ways we cut our family expenses and saved over $2000 our first year! Whether you need to save more money or spend less, or not, no one likes to spend money unnecessarily. As a stay-home, work from home mother who is married to a creative (writer, actor, filmmaker) staying within budget has become a major priority for us. And it probably took me too long to figure out where we were spending money unnecessarily or areas we could easily cut to save quite a bit. In case you haven’t made these changes yourself, I thought I would share how I saved our family over $2000 last year by doing just these three things:Read More