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These are the policies of Oh Lovely Day. By using this website, you agree to these policies.

Giveaway Policy: We may host giveaways from time to time, and you enter those at your own risk. We are not responsible for any issues with the giveaway, any prizes not received, any damage, or anything that may happen due to the prize. You are free to enter a giveaway under the terms, rules, and eligibility specified, but if not specified in each giveaway Oh Lovely Day is never liable or responsible for any giveaway. We host it to thank you as our readers, or sometimes because they are sponsored, but since the products are not provided by us, we are not responsible for any defects, missing items, etc. 

Comment Policy: Conversation is welcomed and encouraged at Oh Lovely Day and we expect that you will respect each other and refrain from personal attacks or using profanity when posting comments. Site users are fully responsible for anything they post in their comments and all posted comments are in the public domain. Users are responsible for the copyright of the comments they post to the website. Oh Lovely Day reserves the right to delete or moderate comments at any time, and will delete any comments that are spam in nature.  Basically, be nice (that means you, anonymous) and no spam (that means you spammers!)

In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, any comments believed to be posted by a person 13 years of age or younger will be removed.

Photo Policy and Copyright Disclaimer:  Oh Lovely Day does not hold the copyright to photographs used on our website, except where otherwise noted.

Each photo’s copyright belongs to the respective photographer credited.

Photos used on Oh Lovely Day are used with the knowledge and permission of the respective photographer or are believed to be readily available in the public domain and used under protection of the US. Copyright Fair Use Act.

If you own the copyright to a photo used on our website and would like it removed, please contact us at chandra[at]ohlovelyday[dot]com.

Terms of Service and Linking To Oh Lovely Day:  Readers are welcome to link to content found onOh Lovely Day, although Oh Lovely Day does not participate in link exchanges with vendors or other companies. Please credit Oh Lovely Day and any sources credited in the original post when sharing content. Please note that the work found on Oh Lovely Day is the unique written work of the editor – copying or “syndication” of blog content is strictly prohibited. No portion of the site may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, or otherwise exploited for any purpose without express written consent.

Editorial and Advertising Policy:  Oh Lovely Day accepts paid advertisements from third-party organizations. These ads are denoted under sponsors in the sidebar of this website.  Oh Lovely Day occasionally accepts paid editorial coverage. These posts will be clearly denoted as such with the words “Sponsored Post” appearing at the beginning of the post title or at the bottom of the post.

Oh Lovely Day also accepts affiliate partnerships, and sometimes receives a small commission when you click on a link or an ad, which helps continue to fund Oh Lovely Day.  I only link to, recommend, or include in a shopping or gift guide things that I would like or buy myself. If you see links that include “rstyle” or “amazon”, those are affiliate links. If you prefer to bypass those links, you can. Simply type in the main url (like or directly, instead of clicking through from Oh Lovely Day.

Sometimes brands and companies send me stuff. Not often, but it happens. Any products or services provided to us to sample in order to aid in editorial research will be disclosed according to FTC regulations. Sometimes I just really like something and want to share it with you. If I am ever paid to talk about a product, it will be clearly labeled as sponsored.

The Lovely Shop and The Lovely Vendor Guide: Businesses listed in The Lovely Shop and the Lovely Vendor Guide are paying advertisers. Vendors are screened for compatibility with Oh Lovely Day’s readership and are selected based on known reputation and other factors. Please note, Oh Lovely Day is not liable for any actions, promises or implied promises made by vendors listed in The Lovely Shop and/or the Lovely Vendor Guide, nor do these vendors receive preferential treatment with regards to editorial consideration.

Privacy: Oh Lovely Day will not share or sell identifiable personal information obtained on this website, except as required by law. Unidentifiable personal information, such as male/female reader ratios and age demographics may be shared with advertisers.

When you browse, read or download content from Oh Lovely Day certain technical information is collected including:

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This information is collected by third-party commercial software systems (such as Google Analytics). The information collected is used to help us create a better user experience for our readers.

When you post a comment to our website, the following information is collected:

– Your name as provided by yourself
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Oh Lovely Day is not responsible for the private content collected by third-party websites and is not responsible for how that information is used by the third-party website.  When you click on a link you may be redirected to a third-party and Oh Lovely Day is not responsible for the security, information, opinions, etc. of that third-party.