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Why Probiotics Are Important For Your Pet’s Overall Health Too

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and Purina. All opinions are mine alone. #proplanprobiotic #CollectiveBias

How Adding Kittens To Our Home Has Been the Perfect Pairing For Our Family | Oh Lovely Day

When we adopted our kitties Dusty and Pearl last summer, we went into it knowing we were making a big commitment. We were adding these kittens to our family and they would be with us for a significant portion of our kids’ lives while they live at home with us. They were becoming members of our family, and as such we wanted to treat and take care of them like family. That is why I care about what they eat and want to ensure their food meets all of their nutritional needs and helps optimize their overall wellness. I am a big proponent of probiotics for my human family members and that was no different for our feline family. Pets need probiotics too! Dusty and Pearl get theirs in their Purina® Pro Plan® Savor® food.Read More

Why We Keep Up With Swim Lessons in the Winter

Why We Love Our Lessons at Goldfish Swim School | ohlovelyday.comWe have loved our lessons this year at Goldfish Swim School. But as winter set in and my husband was headed back to California for work for a few weeks I definitely considered taking a little break for the cold weather months. When I really thought about it though, I realized that it was really important for us to continue our lessons throughout the winter, rather than taking some time off. Here’s why:

Why it was important for us to continue our swim lessons through the winter at Goldfish Swim SchoolTo Keep Our Kids On Track

When kids take a break from swimming during winter, they may have to spend some time reminding their muscles what to do as well when they jump back in the water. Repetition is best when learning any skill, including swimming, so continuing lessons through winter helps kids stay on track with their improvements and keep seeing progress. All three of my kids have grown by leaps and bounds in their confidence, ability, and enjoyment when it comes to swimming and I didn’t want to cause a regression due to my wanting a break.

Why it was important for us to continue our swim lessons through the winter at Goldfish Swim School

Drowning Still Happens In Winter

If you are not heading to the beach anytime soon, you might think the kids don’t need swim lessons. But many families take a vacation that involves an indoor water park or a hotel pool  – or your child may be invited to (or have) a swim birthday party like those offered at Goldfish Swim School. So more swimming happens in winter than we think. Swimming is a lifelong, life-saving skill that all kids should have – and lessons are important even if a child “knows” how to swim

Why We Love Our Lessons at Goldfish Swim School | ohlovelyday.com

It Gives Kids A Physical Activity To Do In More Sedentary Winter Months

If you live in a cold weather climate, then you know that winter months are a struggle to get your kids’ energy out with physical activity, especially when going outside due to extreme cold is a challenge. Our weekly swim class (and family swim times) at Goldfish are an excellent way for us to get some physical activity in and get some energy out. It is a lifesaver, both literally and figuratively! 

They have come such a long way since our first few lessons about 9 months ago! I made a little video so you can see their progress. I’m beyond thrilled to watch how much they all love to swim, and how confident they have gotten in the water.

My kids are happy to go to Goldfish, work hard while they are there, and are all smiles when their lessons are over. If you want to see more videos of their progress, I save them in my Instagram Stories’ Highlights under ‘Swimmers.’ I’m also always happy to answer any questions about our experience if you want to shoot me an email 🙂 Go here to find a Goldfish Swim School near you.

Oh Lovely Day has partnered with Goldfish Swim School, but the words and experienced shared here are honest and my own.

Listening To Your Mom Gut When It Comes To Your Child’s Illness + How Listening to Mine Told Me My Son Had Appendicitis

How I Learned To Listen To My Mom Gut + Knew My Son Needed to be seen for appendicitis rather than just having a stomach bug | ohlovelyday.com

When you’re a mom you worry each time your child is sick or hurt. You call your pediatrician over every fever when you are a new mom. If you have more children you mellow out a bit more with each one. By the time I had three kids I always worked from a place of “my child is fine unless they show me otherwise.” You hear people say “follow your gut” but you wonder if you’re gut will know when something is truly wrong. I’ve now had a very big scare with each of my kids that all turned out to be fairly serious. I thought that by sharing here it might help fellow parents recognize when something feels off with their child and to recognize that is their gut telling them something is wrong.Read More

Tips to Get Your Photos Organized + Make Those Family Albums

tips for organizing photos and making family albums.1

You take approximately one million family photos with your phone until you reach your phone limit. And then when you’re forced to clean your phone off you probably back them up to a random file on your computer or cloud. But most of us probably never get around to organizing or displaying those memories. It’s a shame, and definitely one of the downsides to our phones being our primary memory recorder. Yes, it’s super convenient and we have way more photos of our kids now then when you had to dig out the old point-and-shoot or DSLR, but because there are so many we often neglect organizing and actually printing them. So I thought I’d share a few easy tips for keeping your family photos organized so you can access, print, and display them — so you can stop only documenting your memories, but actually preserving them as well.Read More

Focusing on Gut Health + Overall Wellness in the New Year

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NatureMadeGutCheck #CollectiveBias

My thoughts on turning 40
2018 was the year I focused on my health. First, I changed what I was putting into my body, in adding things that would help me and removing things that would not. Since I have Hashimoto’s, the first thing that had to go was gluten. Yup, bread, pasta, beer — it all had to go, or at least be modified to gluten-free. Next, I did some experimenting with food, eliminating known inflammation triggers like dairy. I added them back in one at a time to see how each one made me feel once I had eliminated them. I found a new way of eating and working out called the Faster Way to Fat Loss (FWTFL​) and it was a game changer for me! I also did a food sensitivity test and used those results to help guide me in what foods to avoid or temporarily eliminate. 

How I finally changed my body with the Faster Way to Fat Loss ; FWTFL before and after photos

Because I was eliminating some foods from my diet it was important that I choose a probiotic that does not contain dairy and is gluten free (many aren’t, so you have to check the ingredients on the label). I like Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotics because it is made up of two different probiotic strains, one that assists the large intestine and one that aids the small intestine. If you aren’t familiar with probiotics and what they do, here’s why they are so important. Probiotics are “good” bacteria that naturally exist in cultured or fermented foods (like yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, among other things) that offer benefits for your digestive system. They crowd out unwanted bacteria and allow more of the “good” bacteria to be present in your gut.† This helps in both digestion and regularity, as well as in your overall health.† For me, my poor gut health and gluten in my diet were contributing to occasional​ flare-ups. So you can see why supporting my gut health was so important to me, and why probiotics are one of the first steps in supporting a healthy gut. Using a probiotics supplement is a great way to increase your intake of “good” bacteria and help support your digestive balance and healthy gut flora.† I take mine every night before I go to bed as part of my bedtime routine, that way I never forget.​ You can find Nature Made® Probiotics at Walmart at a great low price.

How I'm Healing My Gut With Food + Probiotics
How I'm Healing My Gut With Food + Probiotics
How I'm Healing My Gut With Food + ProbioticsHow I'm Healing My Gut With Food + Probiotics
It definitely isn’t easy to eliminate so many foods, especially gluten and dairy. They are in SO many things. You can’t dine out easily and you have to read the ingredients on the foods you buy, but that isn’t a bad thing! When you read labels, you know what you are actually putting into your body. It is still hard, don’t get me wrong, but it is easier than you think once you get the hang of it. I had already gone dairy-free after Quincy was born for almost a year because he had severe reflux and was breastfeeding. He seemed to improve when I eliminated dairy from my diet. Gluten was harder at first, but I’ve found substitutes for most of my favorite things. I use gluten-free pasta when I make spaghetti or gluten-free bread crumbs too. I haven’t found a good gluten-free bread that I actually enjoy, but I’m used to it and mostly just do without. I’ve found lots of delicious recipes that I make for my family that are free of gluten, dairy, and soy. I try to stick to the FWTFL way of eating as much as possible but as long as I limit gluten and dairy I can feel a big difference. The second thing I did to support my health had to do with what I did with my body. I started going to bed earlier to get more sleep, doing a daily 15-30 minute guided meditation (and even more as needed, like when my kids are yelling full blast or commitments get overwhelming), and trying to work some exercise into each day. The Faster Way program I mentioned has great workouts for each day and gives you gym, home, and beginner options so I have no excuses not to fit it in, even if it is during nap time or after the kids’ bedtime! Getting my body moving and rested helped cut down my stress, increase my endorphins, and supported my overall health. This is still a work in very early stages of progress, but I am making progress. I think one of the most frustrating things about gut health is that it took me so long to know and understand how important it is. Why wasn’t I taking a probiotic for all these years? No one ever told me that I should. And that is why I wanted to share my story with you because it is one simple thing you can do each day to help give yourself the gift of good overall health and wellness.

How I'm Healing My Gut With Food + Probiotics

How do you care for your gut health and overall wellness?

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


A Simple Self-Care Toolkit

How to Make a Self-Care Toolkit | ohlovelyday.comEver since the term “self-care” got trendy I think it garners an eye roll from some people. I even do it — when I see young, single people who don’t have children or much in the way of life stress yet using the term self-care I think “your LIFE is self-care right now!” That’s probably not entirely fair either (stress is relative to where you are in your life I suppose) but I get the urge to find the self-care trend a little self-indulgent. But everyone does need to be mindful of self-care: getting enough sleep, doing things you enjoy, taking time to center yourself, exercise, stress-management, etc. It doesn’t have to be all spa days and meditation retreats. It can be simple things that restore our minds, bodies, and spirits. I’m sharing a few things in my self-care toolkit to show you how simple it can be to take a little time for yourself.Read More