Holiday Gift Ideas + Shop Small Round-up 2020

This year’s gift guide is very different than past years, primarily because COVID has changed our priorities, wants, and needs. This year I wanted to focus on gifts that you can purchase to support some of my favorite small businesses, which is how I am shopping as well. There is a focus on simple things, self-care and relaxation, and family fun while isolating at home.Read More

4 Things You Should Be Doing in Your Garden from Seed & Vine

4 things you should be doing in your garden

Hi guys! It’s been a minute since I was able to post here. There’s a ton going on at our house right now, including a major mold remediation and some renovations around our home. (You can read our whole story here if you missed it or also follow along on Instagram). I originally had some fun garden content planned for the blog, as well as a garden makeover planned here at home, which all got sidelined when we found hidden mold in our home and realized what a huge undertaking and expense remediation would be. Maybe we’ll revisit that next spring! So for now I thought it would be fun to have my friend Annie from Seed & Vine share some tips on what you should be doing in your garden right now.Read More

A Healing Lyme and PANS/PANDAS Update + One of Our Favorite Aids in the Healing Process

How our Ionic Cleanse has been important in my son's healing of Lyme and PANS/PANDAS recovery

We’re about 5 months into our Healing Lyme journey with my son Charlie and we’ve come a long way. Our day-to-day is now a mix of life before Lyme (which is wonderful!), walking on eggshells when we can tell it’s needed, the occasional (a couple times a week) emotional outburst/panic attack), and a daily routine of supplements, OTC meds, herbals, and antibiotics. It still takes all of that to keep his inflammation at bay and his moods and progress stable. His OCD is still very present, though not debilitating like it was before. He still has food restrictions. I describe it like having food aversions when pregnant — how something you used to love now turns your stomach and the thought of it makes you ill. That is how he reacts to some (many) foods now. He can’t even look at them. I might make him something he ate the week prior and then the next week he looks at it and flies into a panic. It’s getting better, but it’s still there.Read More

Activities and Free Learning Resources for Quarantining With Kids due to Coronavirus COVID-19

activities when in quarantine with kids

Hi there! How are you doing? Are you feeling the Coronavirus / COVID-19 anxiety? As a mom of children with wonky immune systems (thanks to the autoimmune disease PANS/PANDAS + Lyme Disease and co-infections) and a person who struggles with anxiety myself, I’ve had to balance being prepared and aware with turning off the news and trying to focus on things here at home and staying positive. I think that, for me, I feel better just surrendering to our circumstances and hunkering down at home with my family,  taking deep breaths, and trying to find the positives in this slow down. I know my husband and I are very lucky because we work from home and are able to do this without too much hardship. I feel for those of you who are facing bigger challenges professionally, economically, and logistically.

For those who will be quarantining at home with kids, I thought I would share the activity list my kids and I made that we’ll refer to when we feel bored or to help keep a bit of structure to our days (my PANS kiddo especially does better with structure because it helps keep his OCD at bay when he’s busy). So here’s our list, along with links to some of our favorite board and card games:Read More

Car Safety Tips When Driving With Kids

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Baby safety month + carseat safety

Driving with kids: it can be fun, loud, crazy, and sometimes miserable. Balancing everyone’s needs in the car while actually driving a car can be quite a feat. On top of the responsibility to keep your kids safe while on the road are the day to day demands of caregiving that can leave you hurried and distracted in your normal routine. While you may not have control over other drivers, you can make sure that children are properly protected in your own car. Here are some things I do or use to keep my kids safe while we’re driving in the car. Read More

Surviving Cold, Flu, and Coronavirus Season

Tips for Surviving Cold & Flu Season | Oh Lovely Day

This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time – I’ve just gotten over the flu, my older son has a double ear infection and pink eye, and I’m just holding my breath to see what the baby ends up with. It seems like so many of us are dealing with a particularly nasty cold and flu season. And as frustrated as I am with the sickness, I can’t help but consider us lucky: lucky that this is the worst we have it, and lucky that we have healthcare that enables us to go to the doctor and get medicine we need. I kid you not, I’ve been to the pediatrician almost weekly for the last two months.

So I thought I would share some of my tips for surviving this germ-filled season (besides taking your kid out of preschool for the duration, which I’ve been tempted to do myself…)Read More