My Love-Hate Relationship With Wifi

give yourself a wifi makeover with EeroAs a work-from-home mom with little ones at home, there are two things I desperately need to make it through each day: coffee and wifi. My coffee never fails me. But my wifi? Ugh, my wifi… We live in a home built in the 1930’s with lots of cellular and wifi dead zones. We can only FaceTime in one room, I have to hold my phone in a very specific way to get any service in my bed. And the wifi never works in the boys’ room, which means no iPad games or movies in bed on sick days. On top of all that, my wifi was constantly in need of rebooting. When you only have an hour nap to get work done or desperately need your kids to watch a show on the iPad so you can take a quick shower, those dead zones and reboots are a real pain in the ass. But all that changed thanks to EeroRead More

5 Things Every Mom Needs to Do For Herself Everyday

Self care for moms: 5 things every stay at home mom, work from home mom, or any parent should do for themselves each day if possible. Such great tips from a mom of three and WAHM for feeling like a human!

At first I titled this post 5 Things Every SAHM Needs to Do For Herself Everyday. But I didn’t want to exclude work from home moms. And just including moms that stay home excludes mothers who work outside of the home, and I didn’t want to do that either. And then I thought “don’t dads deserve these things too?” And yes, they do. We all do. So really this post applies to everyone, but I can only speak to my experience as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mother and my abilities to accomplish these 5 things and how much they help me when I do. But just know I think you all, we all, are deserving of feeling good and doing things for ourselves 🙂 So here are the 5 things I think we all can benefit from doing everyday, and that I know from personal experience we stay-home mommas sometimes struggle with doing for ourselves: Read More

A Year of Quincy + Tips for Documenting Baby’s First Year

documenting baby with monthly photosI love the idea of weekly or monthly documentation of your baby’s first year and I’ve actually gotten better at it with each baby I’ve had, thanks to Instagram. With my first baby I just took the monthly photos, but I didn’t write things down very often. I started a baby book with him and kept track of most of his milestones, but the photos and memories aren’t all in one place. With Calvin, I started both weekly and monthly photo projects, posting them to instagram with specific hashtags so I could go back and see the photos all together for comparing and printing later. I did the same with Quincy as well and I think his photos are my favorite of the three. Maybe because he’s such a chub 🙂

A few tips for doing your own monthly milestone documenting: 

Read More

My Top Recommendations To Put On Your Baby Registry

Chandra's Registry Favorites: What you really need on your baby registry, from a veteran mom of three. Plus a giveaway of all her picks! ohlovelyday.comIf I could go back in time seven years to when I was pregnant with Charlie and didn’t know anything about having a baby or what I would need, I would have a lot of advice and tips for my inexperienced self. Three kids later, I have a list of favorite things that I would recommend to any parent to buy before baby or put on their registry. As a mom who has now done the baby stage three times to three very different babies, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t and I hope that knowledge and experience can help you when you are preparing and shopping for your own baby. I’m doing a takeover of BabyList’s Instagram feed sharing a few of those and some tips for other parents, but I wanted to share more here with more detailed explanations of why I love them so much. And the best part is, I’ve teamed up with BabyList and the brands to give one lucky reader all of the recommended products. So be sure to make it all the way to the bottom of this post to enter! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)Read More

What I Would Tell My New Mom-Self (and other new moms out there)

What I would tell my new mom self, plus my experience with PPD, anxiety, and some things that have really helped me.That photo above is of me as a brand new mom, with a three week old baby Charlie. I was tired and happy and struggling with breastfeeding and overwhelmed and insecure and scared and so in love. This was before my postpartum depression showed up. Before I experienced intense anxiety. Before I developed Hashimotos (and eventually hypothyroidism). That first six weeks, six months, year of motherhood was HARD. If you have one baby and you are thinking “man, this shit is HARD” you’re right. But you know what makes having one baby seem easy? Having two. And you know what makes having two babies seem easy? Having three. And you know what makes having three seem easy? I think you know…

I often have people comment on a post on Instagram how they see me with three and don’t know how I can handle it because they are struggling with one or two. Well you know what? I felt the same exact way. Charlie was two before I even thought “ok, maybe I can have another.” And I seriously doubted ever feeling capable of feeling normal again after having three kids. But, I do. It took a year, but I got there. I think it took having three kids to show me that I can do it, that I am good at this, and that I need to listen to my gut.

There were days when I didn’t think I was going to make it. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen — I just knew it seemed insurmountable to make it through the day. But slowly, day by day, it got better. If I could go back and tell that new mom a few things this is what I would say: Read More

15 Baby Essentials Under $15

With so many amazing baby products available today it seems like there is something out there to fit every need (except the device that ensures the pacifier stays in baby’s mouth — if someone can invent a safe method of doing that you will be a ZILLIONAIRE). While some of those great products come with a great big price tag (for good reason) there are others that cost very little. After having three babies I have to say that some of my absolute essentials are in the under $15 range. And for how much you’ll use them and love them, that basically means you’re making money 🙂 So I thought I would share my favorites in case there are some on my list you haven’t heard of or tried yourself. I’d put all of these on my registry if I were doing it all again as a brand new mom. Read More