Reflections on 10 Years of Marriage

reflections on 10 years of marriage

Today is my husband’s and my 10 year wedding anniversary (if you’re into looking at wedding posts, I shared lots on our wedding here). It feels crazy to say that because, even though we’ve been together forever (we met at 16) our wedding feels like yesterday. So much has changed in 10 years (and you can see it just by looking at us — kids will do that to you 😉 ). We’ve changed careers, had a baby, worked through illnesses (mostly mine), had a miscarriage, moved, had another baby, had a surprise pregnancy and bonus baby, moved across the country, bought a house, fought, loved, struggled, celebrated, supported, and been through some major highs and lows together. It has not been easy. At times it has been very very hard. We didn’t always think we would make it, but we have always tried our best.

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Summer Family Fun Bucket List Activity: Zoombezi Bay at the Columbus Zoo

Summer Family Fun Bucket List Activity: Zoombezi Bay & The Columbus Zoo

As summer winds down and the kids are getting ready to go back to school we’re taking a look at our Family Fun Bucket List for Summer of 2019 to see what we’d like to cross off the list in our final days of summer break. One activity that is at the top of my kids’ list was Zoombezi Bay (it is, in fact, at the very top of Charlie’s list). We are zoo members and visit often, but we hadn’t explored Zoombezi Bay as a family and were really eager to check it out. Read More

How Swim Lessons Teach More Than Swimming

How our swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School have taught my sons more than swimming

Over a year of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School have been so good for all three of my boys in many ways. They have learned life-saving skills, have learned to hold their breath, to tread water, and to backfloat. But what they have taken away from each lesson extends far beyond swimming. The benefits continue outside of the pool. Here are the different ways that swim lessons have been worthwhile for all three of my kids, ages 3.5, 5, and 8. Read More

2019 Summer Reading List: The 16 Books I’ve Already Read, What’s Left on My List, Tips on Maximizing Your Audible Membership, and Reviews of Daisy Jones & The Six, Before We Were Yours, Educated, and Summer of ’69

summer reading list 2019

We’re a month into summer and thanks to some road trips and audiobooks I’ve gotten through a significant number of books on my Summer Reading List already. I used to be against audiobooks on principle (I just love books in print), but after years of falling asleep 5 minutes into reading a print book or never being able to crack one open at all (thanks, motherhood!), I realized I could “read” while driving, cleaning, cooking, falling asleep or when I want to tune out the noise of my kids for a little bit 😉 Also, my husband’s first novel was published as an Audible Original so it was only available in audiobook form, so his was the first audiobook I ever listened to. (His second follow-up novel comes out this August!) So I thought I would share my Summer Reading List, starting with the books I’ve read already and including ones I hope to finish by the end of the summer. And below, I’m sharing a few tips on signing up for an Audible account and how to maximize your listens to get more bang for your buck.Read More

Family Travel: Topsail and Wilmington, NC

family travel to topsail and wilmington, NC

My kids have always loved the beach, but we hadn’t been since we moved from Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio almost two years ago. So obviously, we were eager to get back. My mom and her husband have family who have a beach rental in North Topsail, NC and we were lucky enough to book the home a year in advance and have twelve months to look forward to returning to the beach. Booking so far in advance did lock us in, and unfortunately my husband had a job opportunity come up where he would have to be back in Los Angeles for three weeks, with our planned vacation falling right smack in the middle of his time away. But since my mom and her husband and my brother and nephew were all planned to meet us in Topsail I decided to take the boys on my own.Read More

Experience Gifting: More Adventures, Less Stuff

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More adventure, less stuff: giving the gift of experiences and fun

I’m a huge fan of experiences, adventures, and making memories. If I were to win the lottery the first thing I would be planning (after paying off any debt, of course) would be an amazing family trip. When my husband and I got married, we had a honeymoon registry (back when no one had really heard of a honeymoon registry) and it was one of the best decisions we made. And our guests loved being able to choose a gift like “dinner in Rome” or “a bottle of wine in Florence” or “museum entry in Paris.” Gifting stories over stuff is the way to go in my book. So when I learned about Tinggly, I knew I had to share it.Read More