At-Home Workouts You Can Do In Just 10 Minutes: Core + Booty Work

When You Have 10 Minutes: Simple and effective exercises that tone your body that you can do at home in ten minutes without any equipment. Perfect pilates-like moves to help moms move their postpartum bodies!If you follow me on Instagram I’ve been teasing this new at-home workout series for a while. But in typical fashion since becoming a mother, things always take me longer than I anticipate. I’m 6.5 years in, so you think I would learn by now (eyerolling at myself). But I’ve finally got part one ready to help get us all started on our fitness journey to get our bodies moving. And if you haven’t seen my posts about this, here’s my mission with these workouts: all of us, but especially moms of small children, have a hard time finding time to exercise. Those of us that have no help REALLY have a hard time, because it means our little ones are always around. Most of us are sleep deprived and just trying to get through the day the best we can. The only free time we probably get is when our kids are sleeping, and we usually choose sleep ourselves during that time. Or we’re too tired to workout. Starting fitness programs at home can be problematic because we are easily distracted, we don’t hold ourselves accountable to stick with it, we don’t have equipment, and/or we don’t have someone there to help with proper form or remind us to breathe.

That’s why I wanted to share these workouts. My friend Amanda of Balanced Method Pilates is a really wonderful pilates instructor here in Los Angeles and I’ve done workouts in her studio off and on since I was pregnant with Calvin. I really enjoy working out on the reformer and pilates in general because it feels good on my body. Instead of bunching things up, it lengthens me out. Moms tend to be bunched up anyways — breastfeeding, baby wearing, stress, pregnancy, childbirth — our bodies go through so much. While I was working out with Amanda one day we were talking about how hard it is to fit in workouts and Amanda was explaining what a misconception it is that you need 45-60+ minutes to get in a good workout and that if you do a few specific exercises correctly you can get the same benefits from 10 minutes or 20 minutes. And that is how “When You Have 10 Minutes” was born. I have 10 minutes a few times a day. I think we all do. So we wanted to share how you can start small and fit in good toning workouts into each day. It is doable. These exercises require no equipment (although if you have a mat or bands, etc. you can incorporate those too). Our hope by the end of this series is that you will have a good foundation for full body workouts that you can easily and effectively do at home, on your schedule and within your circumstances. And they motivate me to keep up with my fitness on the 6 other days of the week that I’m not with Amanda. And on top of that I’m trying to fit in walks or other cardio and a hike once a week. Of course, always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, especially postpartum.

Here are 5 moves to start with to help tone your abs, butt, thighs, and hips:

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Babywearing FAQs

Super helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions on baby wearing from a mom of three

I’ve had a lot of babywearing questions and I thought I would answer some here. I love babywearing and have done it with all three of my boys. With my first, it was most convenient for getting stuff done when he didn’t want to be put down. But with my second two, babywearing was a matter of survival. When I did preschool drop off and pickup babywearing kept my newborn high above the germy little hands that wanted to touch the baby. It helped me keep my hands free to hold and tend to my other children. It got me through many colic-filled weeks. It made plane travel way easier. It has been such an key part of my motherhood journey and I’m so grateful to the babywearing brands that have been a part of that. Here are a few FAQs & answers for those who wanted to know more: Read More

How I Use Essential Oils In Our Home: Part 1

how to use essential oils in your home and for your family. ways a formerly skeptical mom of 3 has incorporated oils into her home.

Ok, so I imagine you are one of two camps when it comes to essential oils: 1. The Eye-Rolling Skeptic or 2. The All-Natural Oil Lover. But the truth is I think most of us fall somewhere in the middle — at least I do. I don’t shun all Western medicine in favor of all-natural remedies, but I also think trying out all-natural or homeopathic treatments before medication can be beneficial. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not an oils expert. I’m just a mom who used to roll my eyes at things like essential oils and baltic amber teething necklaces — until I got desperate and tried them myself and realized “these things might actually work.” Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Guide + Treat Yo Self Giveaway

Mother's Day Gift Guide full of wonderful gift ideas for the mom in your life, plus a giveaway of all of it to one lucky momma! #treatyoselfgiveawayI know two things to be true about mothers everywhere: They work their asses off and they don’t treat themselves enough. Me included. No matter how many kids they have, whether they are brand new or full grown, whether they work in the home or out, whether they have lots of help or none  —  motherhood is a tough business and every mom deserves to be spoiled. This year’s Mother’s Day gift guide is all about Treating Yo Self, or that special mom in your life. These are things I love, or want, or both. They are things I might start to buy and then stop myself because I always have mom guilt over spending money on myself. They are things I think mommas would love. And because I love this community of readers, followers, sharers, mothers — I’ve teamed up with all of the brands in my guide to give everything in it to one lucky momma! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter. But first, gift ideas for the mom in your life:

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Real Talk with Real Moms: Our Morning Routine

real talk with real moms on morning routinesToday’s post is really fun because I’ve been asked to be part of a Real Moms Series with a group of other bloggers who are also mommas to share our experiences on different topics. They’ve been doing the series for about a year and have covered lots of issues that are must-reads. For me, this fits in perfectly with my mission of sharing real experiences and taking an honest look at motherhood — both beautiful and challenging and sometimes really effing hard. Because in the battlefield of motherhood, we are all on the same side and we are all better when we help, and are helped, by each other. So I’m honored to join this group of women in sharing a bit more about my own experience below.Read More

Feeding and Mealtime Essentials for Babies + Toddlers

If you have a baby or a toddler, or both at the same time, you know how messy and frustrating mealtime can often get. Figuring out baby’s first foods and letting them explore self-feeding; managing picky toddlers and their insistence on feeding themselves combined with their inability to actually get any of that food in their mouths — you’ve got a lot on your plate (pun intended!). I find it really helpful to have feeding tools that simplify mealtime and help facilitate the actual eating of the food and drinking of the drinks. I’ve been really vocal about my love of the feeding products from Munchkin here on Oh Lovely Day and in my instagram feed. Their products take both safety and convenience into account, which really makes things easier for both the little ones and the grown ups. So I thought I would share some of my absolute essential feeding and mealtime tools and why we love them so much. I’ve also linked to where you can get them all at the bottom of the post for your convenience.

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