Mom-Friendly Spring and Summer Style basics for 2019 season

I tend to stick to a “capsule” for each season. Some pieces are sustainable and timeless staples I wear every year and a few are more on trend pieces that are more affordable but don’t last beyond that style’s moment. For this year’s Spring/Summer 2019 Style Capsule, I included some tried and true favorites:

A good summer weight button down shirt: My favorite style are the Central and Courier Shirts from Madewell. They are slightly oversized and drapey, but just enough. This yellow is a great bold color choice, and this striped one is also pretty for summer and would work well into fall. This indigo one from Target is a really soft and drapey Tencel and a budget-friendly option.

A breezy summer dress: This striped sleeveless shirtdress is my new favorite and is the perfect dress for summer at a great price. This one is also really lovely, especially in white.

Denim cutoffs: I feel like IG influencers are always recommending denim cutoffs, and every time I see them I’m like “yeah, maybe on your size 2 body, but those will never work on my size 10 frame!” They are often too tight and usually too short. I like my cut-offs to be a 5 inch inseam and these from Madewell are made for curvy bodies like mine. These from Old Navy are slimmer but also 5 inches, so better for slimmer thighs when you still want a tiny bit more length.

You can shop them directly below and you can also find them in my profile. I regularly update these with current links with style selects for each season.

Most of these are on sale now and are favorites from Madewell, J.Crew (currently having a 40% off sale!) Target, and Old Navy.


cute mom-friendly swimsuits

Ok, next let’s talk swimsuits! The only thing I used to hate more than shorts were swimsuits. But not this year. This year I feel better about myself and I also got to a point where I have no effs to give. I’m not letting a little cellulite or wobbly bits or a lack of thigh gap or a belly pooch that grew three babies to stop me from wearing a swimsuit and have fun with my kids this summer. I’m done with that. Let’s all wear the swimsuits! Here are a bunch of cute ones that will help us fake it till we make it 🙂


So, who’s in? Who is gonna wear a swimsuit and some cut offs and just have fun with their kids this summer? Thighs and wobbly bits and cellulite and all.