Setting Attainable Goals for the New Year

I don’t know what it is about the start of a new year (or new day or new home, etc.) that always gets me excited. I love a clean slate and the opportunity to start fresh. I’m not so much a resolution person as I am a goal-setter. It helps me to focus and feel less overwhelmed when I can nail down (and make a list) of a few attainable goals for myself. Especially when things feel so out of control (in both the world right now and as the mom to three small boys) taking control of small areas of my life helps me feel less anxious. So I’m putting mine down here, so I can hold myself accountable to work towards them and also in case it helps you set your own goals for the year. Because 2016 was a “survival mode” year for me, and I am SO ready to be done with that.

When I reflect back on 2016 I have mixed feelings. Although I’ll always be grateful to this year for giving us our Quincy Q, it was a really tough one overall. It started off with a scary delivery and stay in the NICU, followed by months of colic and even more months of reflux, very little sleep, not nearly enough dates with my husband (I think we’ve had two), and a blur of motherhood living in survival mode. For basically the entire year. It took most of the year for me to get Quincy feeling better and then catch up on life and to get a handle on the whole “3 kids” thing. It has been the most physically exhausting and mentally draining year of my life. So I’m going to try to give myself some attention in 2017. I need to eat better, find some time to exercise, and get more sleep for starters. Also, I really really need to stop drinking Coke (my favorite thing) and drink water instead. If I somehow manage to accomplish those things I also want to give myself more grace — expect less of myself and put less pressure on myself to do it all. Those things will be what I work on first. But these are my goals for myself and my family to work on throughout the year.

My Goals for 2017

  • Making myself a priority
    • a weekly hike (when time or weather doesn’t accommodate a hike, two hours out of the house alone – grocery shopping or other family errands do not count)
    • time out with a friend WITHOUT KIDS once a month (brunch, lunch, drinks, hike, etc)
    • set aside time once a month to take a class or try something I’ve always wanted to do (either personal or professional)
    • saying NO to things that take time away that I’ve allotted for myself (because it isn’t much)
  • Getting organized
    • meal planning for the week
    • implementing a system for incoming mail and paying bills
    • creating an editorial calendar for the blog
    • creating a 2017 budget for our family
    • creating a work schedule for myself so I can work less but more efficiently
  • Reconnecting  
    • Monthly date night with my husband
    • weekly phone date with my mom
    • check in more frequently with my brother
    • monthly call or hangout with a friend
  • Unplugging more
    • Putting my phone away during my dedicated work time (too distracting)
    • Putting my phone on airplane mode during quality time with my kids or husband (so I can take photos or get an emergency phone call but no returning texts, emails, or social media)
    • Only allowing iPad during one meal a day for the kids
  • Taking control of finances
    • Set a budget and stick to it
    • Get rid of expenses we don’t need or use (mostly did this in 2016)
    • Keep a spreadsheet of all income earned
    • Pay down any debt (consolidate it where possible)
    • Plan a set amount to save each month, no matter what
  • Getting and staying healthy (mentally & physically)
    • Drink water instead of coke (SO hard for me)
    • Less coffee (set a two cup max, eventually go down to 1)
    • Healthier eating (gradually want to cut sugar and either try Shakeology or do another Whole 30)
    • Meal planning and cooking dinner 3-4 times a week
    • Exercise: start with twice a week (weekly hike counts) and work up from there
    • Schedule overdue doctor appointments and/or dental visits for family
    • Try meditation: I need 10 minutes of quiet each day
  • Focusing on one thing at a time – be present and do with intention
    • No more multitasking 5 things at once and doing a half ass job.
    • Schedule work time, schedule kid time, schedule housework time — don’t try to work on kid time or let kids interrupt work time

If you have any tips for how you’ve been able to accomplish any of these or figure out a good system that works for you, I’m all ears. I also thought I would round up some of the posts that might help you start your new year off a bit better.

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Looking Ahead here on Oh Lovely Day

I have a new look headed to the blog in the new year, as well as a few new features. One will be expanding on the #battlefieldmotherhood series, featuring other momma bloggers and IG’ers and a struggle they have faced in motherhood. We’ll talk about everything from infertility and miscarriage, postpartum depression and anxiety, nursing struggles and success, marriage, friendships, self-care, and more. If you have a mother you’d love to see featured or an issue tackled, please shoot me an email! And if there is anything you would like me to talk about or share my experience on, let me know.

And can I just say thank you thank you thank you for following along on this blog and on Instagram (or Facebook or Pinterest — wherever you found me). Each visit, like, comment, follow, email, and message is read and appreciated. This community has lifted me up on rough days and your support means the world to me. Wishing you peace and happiness in the new year.

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