Winter Essentials for health and beautyIt’s that time of year and I have two sick babies at home — a toddler with a cold and a baby with his first cold. So I thought I would revisit and share some of my favorite tools for helping sick littles.

1. Nose Frieda: I can’t believe I didn’t have one of these with Charlie! This thing is a freaking brilliant tool and every parent should have one in their arsenal. If you aren’t familiar, you essentially suck the snot out of baby’s nose! But don’t worry, there’s a filter and none of it actually makes its way to your mouth. It works one million times better than those bulb suckers. Trust me. Buy two right now (and go with the one with extra filters).

2. The Honest Company Breathe Rub and Zoe Organics Breathe Balm: Anything that helps baby breathe better is a gem in my book, and these two are safe to use on the little ones. The Breathe Rub is my favorite and I even use it on myself. The Breathe Balm is less messy and works great to rub on chests and feet under clothing.

3. Cool mist humidifier and Breathe blend essential oils: When baby is stuffy or has a cough a cool mist humidifier is your BFF. I have gone through a couple over my mothering years, but this one is my favorite because you can direct the mist in baby’s direction. I add some drops of the Breathe blend of essntial oils (or you can diffuse them seperately in a diffuser like this — I also like to diffuse this oil blend to help boost immune systems) to help as well. You can also dilute the Breathe blend with fractionated coconut oil in a roller and rub on baby (you would make it similar to how I made this one).

Five Faves: Tools For Helping a Sick Baby4. Frida Baby iThermonitor: This device is a temperature monitor that you stick to your little one and then monitor via an app on your phone. It’s brilliant for when you don’t want to disturb your baby but you’re concerned about their temp and keeping it well-managed. I used this on my oldest when he had a double ear infection and a high temperature and it was great because he hates to have his temperature taken. However, I would also have a basic rectal thermometer as a backup in case the batteries die or you aren’t a techie.

5. Babywearing and breastfeeding: When baby is sick, they need as much comfort as they can get. Especially with croup or other illnesses that get worse when baby is in distress.  I find that when my baby wakes at night and can’t calm down, nursing does the trick. And during the day, I wear him a lot in our Ergobaby 360. (You can read a review I did of the 360 here). I even prefer to take him to the pediatrician’s office in the Ergo, because it keeps him comforted, close and away from other germs in the office, and all I have to do is unclip it and let the back down so the doctor can listen to his breathing, etc. Otherwise he isn’t disturbed by being at the doctor at all.

6. Be Kool Soft Gel Sheets: These are so much better and easier to use than a wet washcloth when you’re looking to cool down a fever

I also love using the Wildbird Ring Sling when baby is sick and I’m baby wearing and I can even nurse with Quincy in it!

Five Faves: Tools For Helping a Sick Baby: Babywearing with our Ergobaby 360

(notice I’m in the same red doctor’s office with both babies…)

A couple of other things worth trying: homeopathic Hyland’s cold tablets as well. In my experience they work a bit better for older babies but I did see some improvement in cold symptoms and since you can’t give baby much to treat colds they are worth a try! Also, I roll a towel under the crib mattress to elevate the end his head is at to help with any drainage.

Do you have any tried and true tools you go to when your baby is sick? Hope these help some of you going through what we are right now.

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