Products and tips to get you through infant colic from a mom who has been there. Colic is the worst and anything that helps is worth a try!

If you follow me on instagram you know that my newest little babe Quincy has been having tummy issues causing him to be quite colicky over the last few weeks. If he had been my first baby I would have taken the “oh he’s just colicky and will grow out of it eventually” diagnosis and left it at that. But since he is my third, my gut told me there was more to it. Thanks to suggestions from a couple of momma friends and a some instagram followers, I tried a few different things — like giving up dairy — and saw some relief. So I knew something could be done to at least make him more comfortable and that we didn’t have to just “wait it out.” Because no one wants their baby to suffer for weeks or months (which causes you to suffer too because the colic struggle is REAL) if there is something that can help them. 

Some quick info on Quincy so you know if you’re dealing with something similar:

  • Quincy is exclusively breastfed.
  • We discovered he has some food sensitivities. I stopped eating dairy, and after 2-3 days we saw some improvement in his gas, pain when passing gas or poop, consistency and smell of poop. After a month off dairy he seems to have a “normal” amount of gas and poop without discomfort. I also noticed an increase in fussiness/discomfort if I eat too much egg or citrus (like one meal including them, like spaghetti with tomato sauce or chicken fried rice with egg is ok, but repeated meals are not). If you are experiencing something similar, keep a food journal of everything you eat and drink and check off times baby seems fussier or more colicky. This will help you pinpoint which foods are a problem and that you should eliminate from your diet.
  • Quincy also has reflux. He spit up a lot, after every feeding, and was uncomfortable when doing so. He was also uncomfortable if not held upright for at least 30-45 minutes after a feeding. He sounded congested, was always smacking his lips with a grimace like he was tasting something yucky. He could never be laid flat for sleeping, hated his infant seat, bouncers, etc. He would fall asleep in our arms and often wake as soon as we laid him down (even with his head elevated) because he would spit up, get hiccups, or become uncomfortable. When this didn’t resolve after his first month, with my diet changes and other natural remedies, we started him on Zantac. After two weeks on Zantac his reflux is much better. He still has symptoms (spits up, needs more frequent burping, needs to sleep elevated) but isn’t miserable or extremely bothered by it anymore.

Aside from the diet changes and the Zantac, the photo above shows some other things that have brought us some relief, so I thought I would share them with you in case they could help you and your baby too

  1. The FridaBaby Windi: Whether your baby is colicky or not, I think every parent should have the Windi in their newborn arsenal. These things are freaking brilliant. They might seem a little weird and unconventional (like the NoseFrida, which is also brilliant) but THEY WORK WONDERS. Just trust me. You can get them on Amazon with free 2 day shipping with your Amazon Prime Membership — can’t tell you how many times that has come in handy!
  2. Essential Oils: I’m not an oils expert but do use them frequently in our home. You can dilute fennel oil, Digestzen, or some other oils in a carrier oil and apply to baby’s tummy or the bottoms of feet (make a roller using these similar to what I did here). And a follower sent me a Tiny Tummy essential oil roller that I’ve been using and loving – you can find her on instagram here to find out how to make or get your own.
  3. Gerber Soothe Probiotics: I tried another probiotic first and it didn’t do the trick, but the Gerber Soothe is formulated (per my pediatrician) to help with both reflux and food sensitivities, so it worked better for us.
  4. Hyland’s Baby Gas Drops: I’m not a big fan of Mylicon or Gripe Water — if I can’t pronounce or don’t know the ingredients of something I don’t really want to give it to my newborn, and while Gripe Water is supposed to be natural there are still some ingredients I question. But the Hyland’s Baby Gas Drops are all natural and actually have worked when the gas wasn’t severe. I think these would work great for newborns dealing with normal gas issues and who don’t need other assistance.
  5. Dupois Infant Colic Remedy: I feel like this stuff is the best kept secret in newborn must-haves, except it shouldn’t be a secret! An instagram follower clued me in after I posted about Quincy’s colic struggles, and I was pretty much willing to try anything and everything. So I googled the pharmacy she told me about, placed an order online for their infant colic remedy, and it arrived two days later. It has been a miracle-worker! I’m on my third bottle. I noticed relief mostly in Quincy’s gas, pain when he needed to poop, and fussiness — not so much the reflux-related symptoms. I even had a couple days without it between my 2nd and 3rd bottles and there was a very noticeable increase in his gas and fussiness those two days. I think every parent and baby could benefit from this, but if your baby is colicky you’ll be ordering it by the case (if they sold it by the case.) This is not sponsored – I haven’t gotten any freebies. This stuff just works.

If I was only recommending one or two things above — and I really do think every parent should have two of these on hand at all times during the infant stage — it would be the Windi and the Infant Colic Remedy, hands down. Buy them both now, thank me later!

It should be noted that we saw a chiropractor also, but even he said Quincy was in good shape as far as alignment was concerned and that didn’t really work for us — although I do think it helps some babies. Quincy also has a slight tongue tie that we have to address and I’m told that might help as well, especially with the reflux.

Do you have any tried and true colic remedies?

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