Oh Lovely Day Five Favorites: Natural Teething Remedies

Since Calvin just cut his first two teeth and I’ve been sharing our experience and talking teething on Instagram, and because many of you have asked about what teething remedies work for us, I thought teething remedies would be a good Five Faves to share today. While I have no problem giving traditional pain relief to Calvin, I do try to limit it as much as possible. When he’s clearly really uncomfortable I give him infant ibuprofen (or alternate it with infant acetaminophen) to help with pain and inflammation, especially at night (always ask your pediatrician first and follow proper dosing instructions and remember infants must be 6 months before giving ibuprofen). But if he doesn’t seem completely miserable I try to use natural remedies. I can’t say any one of these works for sure, since I use them in combination with one another quite often, but they all do seem to give some relief and I’ll try anything natural if it helps us just a little bit.

1. Zo-li Gummy Sticks: These were sent to me and I thought they seemed sort of random. Then Calvin started teething and wanted to chew on everything in sight. So I gave him one of these and he LOVED it. They are his favorite. You can buy them in a pack of two, which is perfect for when one gets dropped.

2. Teething Toys: I love the Nuby Teething Keys and have these in two versions. Calvin seems to like the ones you can refrigerate or freeze better, while Charlie loved the vibrating ones. I bought both to have on hand — they’re so affordable so it was worth it. And Calvin absolutely loves to chew on his Sophie more than any other toy he has. Sophie is his girlfriend.

3. Essential oils: I was (and still am a little bit) skeptical about essential oils. I personally don’t believe in using oils entirely in place of traditional medicines or vaccinations but I think combining traditional and western medicines can be a great balance. To me, they are worth trying to see if they provide relief before I use medicine. And I have friends who use and swear by them who have taught me a few tricks and recipes. I like to make a roller bottle with a few drops of lavender oil and roman chamomile oil, diluted with fractionated coconut oil and rub it behind the ears and along the jawline. I also apply Punkin Butt Teething Oil (really random name, I know) directly on his gums. I can tell it takes the edge off for him. In fact, when he sees me get the teething oil bottle out he gets excited. I dab a little on my pinky finger and massage it on his gums (make sure your hands are clean). Again, I’m not a medical professional, so if you aren’t sure about using oils ask your pediatrician if it is ok to try.

4. Amber teething necklace: This is another teething remedy I was skeptical about but open to trying. I asked my pediatrician first and he said it was safe to use. Calvin wore his for a while when he first started getting fussy and drooling but long before his teeth actually cut (around 5 months old) and I thought it helped a bit. Then I took it off after a few days and he started to get really fussy again. So back on it went and I really do think I see a difference in his irritability. It isn’t a miracle worker — he does still get fussy and wake at night when he is in full teething mode, but it seemed to help him quite a bit. I bought mine here and felt confident after reading the reviews.

5. Camilla Homeopathic Teething Medicine: I used this more with Charlie before I knew about essential oils and the amber necklace remedies. It seemed to help him with irritability and fussiness caused by teething quite a bit.

Oh Lovely Day Five Favorites: Natural Teething Remedies

What are your favorite teething remedies, all-natural or otherwise?

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