What I learned from tracking my sleep with EarlySense LIVEI knew I would lose sleep once I became a mom, but I didn’t realize how much. Not only am I getting less sleep (way way less), the sleep I do get is often interrupted (sometimes multiple times). And I am now the lightest sleeper on the planet, waking easily and often taking forever to fall back to sleep. I have also been dealing with low energy, fatigue, and have battled thyroid issues since I had my first baby. Between hormones, stress, exhaustion, and children who have their own idea of when to go to bed or when to wake up in the morning I’m lucky I get any sleep at all.

Since it can be so hard to come by, I decided I wanted to monitor my sleep to see how much I’m actually getting and how efficient it is. l did a sleep tracking experiment years and years ago, but it was a device you wore on your arm and it was such a pain. You had to remember to put it on each night and then it bugged me when I was sleeping (which didn’t help me sleep better, that’s for sure). This time I used EarlySense LIVE. EarlySense LIVE is an easy and accurate way to monitor your sleep and is the first hospital proven contact-free sensor. It’s super simple to use. You plug it in, which automatically activates the Bluetooth in the device, place the device under your mattress, and pair it with your smart phone. All data collected will sync with the LIVE app on your phone.

One thing I really like is that you don’t have to charge a battery or remember to turn it on to collect data. All you have to do is lay down in bed where the device is located and it automatically starts collecting data, which makes it perfect for someone like me with way too much on my plate to remember one more thing. Plug it in, place it under your mattress, download the app, and lay down — that even I can manage!

What I learned from tracking my sleep with EarlySense LIVESo after tracking my sleep for two weeks, here is what I learned. I was not getting quality sleep. My REM sleep was way low. I was getting out of bed multiple times a night (usually related to kids). And from the time I started tracking my sleep to the end of those first two weeks, my stress level went down. When I first started my stress level readings were high. But as you can see above, by the second week my stress level was medium. So just being conscious of my sleep patterns helped me to set myself up for better sleep each night. I started diffusing essential oils again, sometimes took a nice lavender epsom salt bath, had a cup of tea, or read a book instead of watching tv before bed. I moved a couple of weeks later so I stopped tracking during that process. But I just unpacked my EarlySense LIVE so I can start tracking again, because I can tell I’m not sleeping well again. Once I start tracking again, I’ll share my progress in my Instagram stories, so stay tuned!

What I learned from tracking my sleep with EarlySense LIVE

Even though I used EarlySense LIVE to track my own sleep, you can also use it to track your baby or child’s sleep or if you are caring for another family member like a sick or elderly parent. You can share the data collected with caretakers and medical professionals. For example, my tracker alerted me that my heart rate was higher than usual a couple of times, and that I had breathing interruptions a couple times which could be indicative of sleep apnea.

Overall, I found the ease of use and the accuracy of results to be extremely helpful and I’m eager to start tracking again so I can get my sleep and overall health back on track. Because if momma is tired she’s no good to anyone. Like many other methods of self-care, I think tracking and trying to improve one’s sleep is incredibly important to the overall wellness and happiness of the whole family. Now if I could just get my kids to sleep later than 5 am… 😉

Have you ever tracked your sleep? Or do you think that tracking yours could shed some light on other health issues you might be facing?

This post is sponsored by EarlySense LIVE, but all opinions are my own.