give yourself a wifi makeover with EeroAs a work-from-home mom with little ones at home, there are two things I desperately need to make it through each day: coffee and wifi. My coffee never fails me. But my wifi? Ugh, my wifi… We live in a home built in the 1930’s with lots of cellular and wifi dead zones. We can only FaceTime in one room, I have to hold my phone in a very specific way to get any service in my bed. And the wifi never works in the boys’ room, which means no iPad games or movies in bed on sick days. On top of all that, my wifi was constantly in need of rebooting. When you only have an hour nap to get work done or desperately need your kids to watch a show on the iPad so you can take a quick shower, those dead zones and reboots are a real pain in the ass. But all that changed thanks to Eero

After two months using Eero, I haven’t had one issue connecting from any part of our home, at any time of day or night. No drops, no reboots, no buffering issues. Just perfect wifi every time. I can work on my laptop in bed. We can FaceTime grandparents from the boys’ room while they play. We can binge shows on Netflix without buffering issues. The boys can watch a show or play a game and it always works — saving me from frustrated tantrums by moody toddlers when the Disney Jr. app can’t connect to the wifi.

give yourself a wifi makeover with Eero give yourself a wifi makeover with Eero

Another thing I’ve always hated about wifi is the router. A black box with a ton of wires and a complicated set-up process — it’s the whole reason I put up with our bad wifi for as long as I did. I just didn’t want to deal with setting up and learning a new system. We got the Eero right around Christmas and it took me a couple weeks to set up because I was totally dreading it and kept putting it off. And then our wifi went out again and I caved. Turns out the eero is embarrassingly easy to set up. Like, it took me a whole two minutes.

give yourself a wifi makeover with Eero give yourself a wifi makeover with Eero

Eero’s little magic internet pods are sleek and white and have one small light on it. They aren’t like the ugly black boxes covered in wires and blinking lights of the old wifi days. We have one on my bedside table, and one in the living room. We aren’t even using the third one right now because the two seem to be doing the job and keeping our home wifi accessible no matter where you are. It’s like wifi for dummies and design-lovers alike. And it is my new best friend 🙂

give yourself a wifi makeover with Eero

What is a tech discovery that you’ve found that has changed your life? Eero is definitely one of mine! You can get yours (and read lots of glowing reviews) here.

You can find sources in my Living Room post here and Bedroom post here. Eero provided the system I used to try out, but this post is my own experience with the product.

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