What to include in your Postpartum Survival Kit: The Fridababy MomWasher| Oh Lovely Day

So, you’re having a baby and you do lots research and spend lots of time preparing your home, nursery, and self for your labor and delivery and for bringing baby home. You register for all the stuff. You take a birthing class. You pack a hospital bag. But there is one area that is rarely talked about and that definitely needs to be: how to be prepared for what happens “down there” after you have a baby. Like, you know a baby is coming out of your lady parts (unless you have a c-section). But there are so many things that can happen afterwards that you really should know and be prepared for and that no one really talks about. So I thought I would help some mommas out and tell you what I put in my postpartum bathroom survival kit, for all those issues that might come up, down there… 

You might think you should wait until after you have a baby to see what “issues” you have to deal with and then hit the drugstore to address those issues. But after having three babies I would say that there are definitely a few things you should have on hand ahead of time, and a couple of other things I would buy for the “just in case” situations, because when you’ve just had a baby and have a terrible case of post-labor hemorrhoids, you’d really rather just have the stuff to treat it rather than leave your house. Trust me.

So here’s my list of must-haves to put in your postpartum survival kit for all of your issues south of the border:

  • Two types of pads: thicker heavy-duty ones, and thinner ones — both with wings. Even if you have a c-section, you’re still going to bleed after and you’ll need these for a while. And I use the really big pads with the mesh underwear the hospital gives you for the first few days.

What to include in your Postpartum Survival Kit: The Fridababy MomWasher| Oh Lovely Day

  • The Fridababy Fridet MomWasher: Yes, the hospital will give you a squirt bottle to wash yourself with, but trust me when I say you NEED the Fridababy MomWasher because it is SO much better. The MomWasher is a peri bottle that makes the post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier. They designed the bottle to be held upside down (duh!) and gave it a longer, angled neck. This is great for cleaning and addressing all of the issues that can pop up (pun intended) *down there* — I honestly can’t believe I ever went through a postpartum phase without it. It has been a huge help to my recovery this time around. Get one. Take it to the hospital with you. Thank me later.
  • Hemorrhoid aids: You might get some ‘rrhoids, and you might not. You might think you’re in the clear because you don’t get them while you’re in the hospital, but then they appear once you’re home. If you do get them, you’re gonna want some relief. Like immediately and without having to figure out how you’re going to leave the house to get it. So I would have medicated wipes, medicated cooling pads, and hemorrhoid cooling gel on hand just in case. Put some wipes and gel in your hospital bag as well, because if you get them immediately all the hospital only gives you hydrocortisone cream (or at least mine does). It is so not enough.

What to include in your Postpartum Survival Kit: The Fridababy MomWasher| Oh Lovely Day

  • Cold Therapy Packs: For tearing, ‘rrhoids, and soreness, ice packs can be a lifesaver. I like to have at least two on hand to rotate and have frozen ahead of time, and the kind made with the gel pearls are my favorite.
  • Stool Softener: They’ll give you some in the hospital (if they don’t, ask for it especially if you take any pain medication!) but you probably want to have a bottle at home for after. No one really tells you that sometimes going to the bathroom for the first time after baby can be as scary and painful as actually having the baby — and honestly, that doesn’t even cover how terrible it can be. Drink plenty of water, have stool softeners on hand, and if things get rough just remember you pushed out a baby so you can totally do this — as my L&D nurse said when I was pushing to deliver Quincy: “push through the wall.”

Take all of the above, put it in a cute basket, and find a spot close to the toilet to store it and have within reach when you need it.

If you want to pick up a MomWasher of your own you can use promo code MOMWASHER15 to get 15% off the MomWasher from the Fridababy website. You can also find it at CVS locations throughout the US. Now go make yourself a postpartum bathroom survival kit! Stay tuned for breastfeeding and newborn baby survival kit posts coming soon.

This post was sponsored by Fridababy, but the opinions are my own.