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When you’re preparing for a new baby — especially if it is your first pregnancy — deciding what you need can be super overwhelming. You know you need a car seat, but which brand? Who makes the safest or the most convenient option? What stroller should you buy? Which swaddle works the best? If you are asking yourself “how do I prepare for baby without getting ALL THE STUFF!?” you aren’t the only one. And believe me, baby stuff takes over your life and your home, so you only want to get what you really need.

If you are registering for your first baby or preparing for your fourth, there are things you will need that are specific to your family’s lifestyle. Just because your friends register for something doesn’t mean it is right for you. Here are some resources to help you choose what to buy or register for yourself:

1. Ask friends or someone whose opinion you trust and who live in a similar situation for recommendations. Think about your needs — are you a city dweller that will put miles on a stroller daily or will you rarely use one?

2. Follow mommas you trust on instagram or blogs. There is newer and cooler baby gear coming out all of the time. Your friend that had a baby two years ago might have no idea about something new on the market now that you would find to be a huge convenience, but a blogger you’ve followed for years who just had a baby will likely know about some of the newest baby trends. Often they get to try out lots of different types of gear and then share their experience. Moms with kids just a bit older than your own are a great resource.

Babylist Best Baby Products Guide | Oh Lovely Day

3. Best Baby Products Round Up: I think is a brilliant site for the simple fact that you can do a baby registry and add anything to it from any store, rather than having to choose one store for your registry. But on top of that, has access to the reviews and opinions of thousands of parents who have used their site and what products they love best. And then compiled all of that information into a Best Baby Products Guide to help you. This is a great resource when buying or registering for your own baby.

4. Check out the gear in person: Another thing I would recommend is going to a store with a wide variety of baby goodies and seeing them in person. You can see the strollers and infant seats and other gear for yourself and lift and fold it and get a feel for what you like best. After you test it out or see how it works, go back and research what would work best for your lifestyle, living situation, etc. Then you can still register for it online at someplace like and add the cute toys, blankets, books, and details from your favorite small businesses and makers as well.

How To Know What Baby Gear You Need: Using's Guides | Oh Lovely Day

So before you register, be sure to do your research!’s product guides are a great place to start, and then you can build your registry there as well. I wish they existed way back when I registered for my first baby! But even if you already had your baby the guides can help you with gear decisions later, like when choosing a convertible car seat, feeding gear, etc. They’ve got all the baby gear bases covered, making your product decisions so much easier.

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