Dealing with postpartum issues | Oh Lovely Day

Oh postpartum issues, why do you continue to plague me? I’ve still got 25 pounds to lose, I have baby hairs sprouting off my head in random places, my moods are all over the place, and now my skin is going nuts. The entire bottom half of my face is extremely dry. Like beyond dry. It has gotten itchy and is now breaking out all around my chin and around my mouth. I am starting to think that this is my body trying to protect itself from ever having the opportunity to get pregnant again, because it is making me the least desirable woman on earth. It’s a good thing they make babies so cute – instead of looking at myself in the mirror I look at his adorable face 🙂

Since it is a new year, I’m trying to jumpstart some new healthier habits that will also hopefully help some of those postpartum issues. I’m trying to hike at least once a week and am tracking my steps with my fitbit again. I stopped drinking coca cola (my most favorite thing) and am drinking more water. I’m trying to put my work away early twice a week to spend an evening of tv or movie watching time with my husband without a laptop attached to me. And I’ve started paying attention to my skin again and taking some time for myself. After a couple of days of a new skin treatment, my dry skin has improved drastically. So I thought I would share what has been working for me to help you battle your own dry skin brought on by postpartum hormones, winter, environment, or whatever plagues you.

  • Put away the harsh products, especially the cleanser. While I typically use this regimen for my skin (and love it) it is too harsh for my postpartum dry skin. So I’ve switched to using this cleanser, while still using this moisturizer during the day, a DIY moisturizing treatment at night I’ll share below, and still using this eye cream.
  • Exfoliate, but not too much. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. Rather than using a gritty or harsh exfoliating cleanser daily, be gentle with your skin but exfoliate once a week. If you have a little money in your budget to treat yourself, buy this exfoliator and never look back. It is amazing. Using it for 5 minutes once a week will give you smoother, healthier, glowing skin that you didn’t realize you had because it was buried under a million dead skin cells. I haven’t needed a facial in two years since I bought it (except I got lazy while I was pregnant and after I had the baby and didn’t use it regularly)
  • Moisturize. I didn’t want to buy an expensive moisturizer to get me through this dry patch (pun intended) so I made my own and it is working so well. Want my DIY moisturizer recipe? It’s so simple:
    1. Fill a jelly jar with coconut oil.
    2. Pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds.
    3. Add 4 drops of Melalauca Essential oil
    4. Add 8 drops of Lavender Essential oil
    5. Stir well and let harden or pop in the fridge for 20 minutes or so if you need to use sooner.
    6. Coconut oil is a solid under 76 degrees F, and liquefies above that temp, so if you keep it in solid form just rub it between your palms to get it to liquefy and apply to your face where skin is super dry.

Now if only I could find something that would help me lose the baby weight that easy…

What are your biggest postpartum issues? Have any secrets to share to make postpartum life a little easier?

PS – You read about my experience with postpartum depression after the birth of my first baby here. Luckily I don’t seem to have it the second time around.