Green Smoothie Recipe | Oh Lovely Day

Happy Friday! I wanted to send you into the weekend with my favorite green smoothie recipe – Charlie and I start our day with one most days lately. I used to make these all of the time and then had a total aversion to them when I was pregnant. So the smoothie is making a comeback in our house in 2015. I love using my Mason Jar Blender to make these, but probably any good blender would work fine. I just find that I’m more likely to make smoothies daily when I keep this little blender out on my countertop rather than getting out my bigger clunky blender.


Ingredients for one large serving:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • frozen spinach (could also use fresh spinach and a frozen banana if you prefer)
  • coconut milk (or regular milk or almond milk if you prefer)
  • peanut butter (can use sunflower or almond butter if you have a peanut allergy)
  • flax seed mill
  • honey
  1. I fill my container pictured above about 1/3 of the way with frozen spinach (approx. 1 cup frozen spinach)
  2. Cut up one ripe banana
  3. Add one tbsp of flax seed mill
  4. Add one heaping tbsp of peanut butter
  5. Fill remainder of cup with choice of milk (1-2 cups depending on your preference)
  6. Add a squeeze of honey

Blend, pour into your favorite cup, add a straw, and enjoy! My favorite part is that it basically tastes like a peanut butter and banana smoothie but has all the benefits of eating leafy greens – not mine or Charlie’s favorite thing to eat. Win win!

This is also a great thing to add probiotics to if you give those to your kid, or if you need to sneak a sick kiddo some medicine (just be sure they drink the whole smoothie – which my kid always does!)

What’s your favorite tasty + healthy smoothie recipe?

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