Holiday gift guide for ladies 2014 | Oh Lovely Day

Next up in the gift guide series is one for the ladies, otherwise known as “stuff I have already and love, or really really want myself.” I tried to include a little something for everyone – some of these would work just as well for your wife, sister, bestie, favorite hostess, teen daughter, or even a kid’s teacher. And there are even more at the bottom of the post that you can shop directly as well!

1. Personal Bar Necklace from Made By Mary With Love. Bar necklaces seem to be everywhere lately, and for good reason. But what I love about these bar necklaces is that the bars are vertical, so you can have multiple bars with names on them (I have one with both my boys’ names). You can personalize it however and with whomever you like!

2. A Mrs. Box. Have you seen these vintage ring boxes from Lady Grey? I would love to have one to store my engagement ring in when I’m not wearing it (like right now because I still can’t wear both it and my wedding band due to my postpartum swelling/extra weight). You could gift it with a ring inside (only if you are already engaged or married or your significant other isn’t expecting a proposal, because otherwise if you give a ring box the receiver instantly thinks “I’m getting engaged!” and that’s a real bummer if you aren’t) or empty if your special someone already has a special ring.

3. Drinkware with personality. I feel like I am in a constant state of needing to be caffeinated. This tumbler and coffee cup would help me do it in style and keep my coca cola cold and my coffee hot.

4. Ryan Gosling socks (or a tee or leggings) from Clashist. I have these and love them, and my husband loves to hide them from me. They are cozy and cute, and when I look up from my laptop at my Gosling covered feet, they make me smile. Perfect stocking stuffer for the Gosling lover in your life (you know you have one!)

5. Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet. This tablet does everything an ordinary tablet does, plus it has access to over 2 million recipes and will read them out loud to you so you don’t have to stop to read the next step in your cooking process. Plus you can take photos of your favorite recipes to save them and it is spill and heat proof so you can’t damage it while you cook.

6. Personalized photobook from Pinhole Press. Make the lady in your life a photo book. Whether it is from your wedding, a special vacation, full of family photos, etc. any lady in your life will love it. Cause we girls love that shit. Just taking the time to make it will earn super mega bonus points.

7. ‘Girls’ tee from Passive Juice Motel. I love the combination of the ‘Girls’ and Jay-Z reference in this tee. They also have great tees for the Harry Potter, rap, and literature lover in your life.

8. This Round’s On Me Wine Tote. This one is so fun for a hostess gift or bestie – just throw in a bottle of their favorite wine or champagne!

9. Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Who doesn’t love Amy Poehler? No one, that’s who. This is pretty much all I’m asking Santa for this year. And I’m pretty sure it’s on every other 30-something gal’s wishlist too.

10. Bluetooth confetti speaker. I’m one of those people who would be happy with a speaker to play tunes in every room of my house. This one would fit my living room, bedroom, or home office perfectly. Give it with an iTunes gift card or download a new playlist to your sweetie’s phone.

11. Macro Exfoliator. This is my secret to great skin. I think every person (not just women) should own one. It takes 5 minutes once a week to get rid of millions of dead skin cells, which leaves you with fewer lines and wrinkles, less blemishes and scars, and glowing and more youthful looking skin. I got lazy while I was pregnant and only recently started using it again and it has made SUCH a huge difference in weeks. For an extra awesome gift, add this skin regimen and/or this eye cream (or get it all in one bundle and save money plus get a free eye cream) and thank me later!

12. A Birdling weekender bag. These weekender bags are my favorite – I’ve had one just waiting for a getaway so I can use it! Gift just the bag, or the bag plus a weekend away or fun vacation for the best gift ever.

I’ve rounded up 25 more of my favorite gift options below too. What are you hoping Santa will bring you this year?