Holiday gift guide for littles | Oh Lovely Day

I’m kicking of a small series of gift guides today (a little later than I hoped because my kids have decided to not let me get any work done, like ever) and since ideas for gifts for littles is always the most requested, I’m starting with that. These are aimed at ages 0-5, but some work for slightly older kids too! I also love that every gift is gender neutral, so it will work for both boys or girls and can be passed easily to other siblings down the road since they work for both genders.

If your kid is anything like Charlie, he or she is very specific as to what they want. Mine wants “a kitchen, all the stuff that belongs in a kitchen like mac n cheese and drinks and hotdogs, and a trumpet, because I just like trumpets.” But in case you need ideas, here are some of my favorites. 

1.  Pretend play masks and tails from Opposite of Far. I love these little masks so much (Charlie is getting a pirate and superhero mask under our tree) and there is an animal or whimsical creature for every kid – even dinos or unicorns! There is even a mask of the month club, which I think is a brilliant gift idea!

2. Personalized Memory Match and A Big Book of Faces from Pinhole Press. Charlie is very into match games and I love that I can personalize this one with photos of our family. And I thought a great present for Calvin would be a Big Book of Faces so he can see pictures of his family, near and far. And Charlie can help read it to him too!

3. Pretzel Rattle from Blabla. What baby doesn’t love a good rattle, and what parent doesn’t love baby humor? Seeing your baby chewing on his own big soft pretzel is the gift that keeps on giving.

4. Wooden toys and rattles from Bannor Toys. There is something for both babies and older littles, there are wooden cars and trucks, rattles and teethers, pretend cameras, and those state rattles are my favorite.

5. Matching tee and animal friend set from Winter Water Factory and Hazel Village. I think all littles love the idea of matching their friend, am I right? And I am a huge fan of the whimsical and modern prints by Winter Water Factory. This collaboration between them and Hazel Village is too perfect for gift giving. I’d love to get a matching doll for both boys to match their already matching hoodie and romper. And how cute is that mushroom tee and that little raccoon!?

6. Tees that show their personality. If you follow me on instagram you know I love a good slogan tee. If it is ironic or has a rap reference, all the better. These are some of my favorites, from some of my favorite tee makers: Tribe is Alive (Happy tee), Mama Case (Say Queso tee), and Passive Juice Motel (Rosie the Riveter and Tupac tees).

7. Ice Cream Truck Playhouse from The Land of Nod. If you’re looking for a big surprise, I haven’t found a kid yet who doesn’t absolutely love this ice cream truck playhouse. Charlie got one for his birthday and it was at his party for the kids to play with, and now several of his friends have it on their Christmas list. Also, they play in it on their own for hours at a time, so it’s a gift for parents too 🙂

What’s on your kiddo’s Christmas list this year? I love hearing the random, funny thing kids ask for.

I included some more great gift ideas below as well. Click through to shop them directly. Good luck, Santas!