DIY Winter Floral Crown | MV Florals & Megan Welker | Oh Lovely DayIf you’re looking for a floral crown for holiday photos or just a little Christmas fun I have a pretty DIY for you. I also love this for a winter bride! Thanks to a simple tutorial from MV Florals, you can make this easily and often. 

DIY Winter Floral Crown | MV Florals & Megan Welker | Oh Lovely Day

Supplies Needed

  • Wire Cutters
  • Floral Tape
  • Prunners
  • Assorted floral blooms and greens in season
  • Wire



Step 1: Measure your head with the wire and wrap the excess wire around the measurement you made.

Step 2: Cut your blooms and greenery with a small amount of stem showing- enough to wrap tape around it. It’s ok to leave your stems a bit longer because it will make it easier to tape onto the wire and you can cut the excess stem as you place each flower onto the wire.

Step 3: After you place the flower bloom on the wire, wrap the tape around the stem and wire, pulling on the tape so it stretches and sticks.

Step 4: Take a piece of greenery and place over the green tape, just under the first bloom you just taped. Tape this greenery the same as you just did the first bloom. For best results, alternate taping a bloom then greenery as you continue taping.

Step 5: Continue this pattern until you’ve completed your length of wire.

DIY Winter Floral Crown | MV Florals & Megan Welker | Oh Lovely Day

Aren’t these stunning for a winter bride? They would also be lovely to take as a hostess gift to your Christmas family dinner or holiday parties. Thanks again to MV Florals & Megan Welker for the lovely tutorial and photos.

Just like with any other DIYs or craftiness, I would love to see your creations. So if you make one, instagram it with the hashtag #ohlovelyDIY so I can see all of your fabulous masterpieces!

{Credits} Florals: MV Florals / Photos: Megan Welker Photography