Happy Monday everyone!  I’m in Vegas for WPPI to meet and hang out with other wedding bloggers and lots of wedding photographers, and to hit a couple of super cool parties.  It is my first trip alone away from Charlie since he was born.  I’m really excited and a bit nervous too.  I’ll be blogging about the trip next week, so stay tuned.  But today, I’m revisiting a reoccurring theme on this blog, mason jars!

If you are at all familiar with this blog you know that I am a big lover of mason jars.  If you are having a vintage-styled wedding then mason jars are a must-have for your decor.  And there are quite a few ways you can incorporate them:

{Use them as beverage containers}
{Use them for take-home dessert treats}
 {Use chalkboard paint to make them escort cards}
{Use them for wedding favors}
{Tie them together for a ‘multiple’ floral container}
{Or hang them from a shepherd’s hook}
{Turn them into hanging candle luminaries}
 {Or floating candle luminaries}
{Or table top luminaries}
{Or possibly my favorite use – display family photos in them}

So, how do you plan on using mason jars in your wedding?  I’d love to hear your ideas!  Are you ‘over’ mason jars, or do you love them just as much as I do?