Hey y’all, happy Friday!  So I decided that I’d like to share something fun with you each week during my weekly wrap ups.  Makes Friday a little more fun, no?  This week I’m going to share a fantastic hair secret with you.  A few weeks ago my BFF called and asked me if I had ever heard of a sock bun.  Yes, sock bun.  I hadn’t.  So she shared with me.  I was hooked.  And now I’m getting you hooked.  You’re welcome.

You know how sometimes you see some celebrity with an amazing ‘do and you know you can’t achieve it because they have a hair stylist, fantastic products, and fake hair at their disposal. You know most of those celebs have fake hair in right?  And while I’m spilling, the ones who gave birth 6 weeks ago and are back to a size zero have nutritionists, personal trainers, nannies, and sometimes surgeons to help them.  Meanwhile I only got back in to my pre-preggo jeans last week, and my son is over a year old.  I can’t help you with that, but I can help you with the hair!
Let me start by saying that I do have long hair, but it is fine and I don’t have a ton of it.  So you can totally achieve this look without having super thick hair.  Let me introduce you to my new addiction:  The Sock Bun.
All you have to do is watch this.  You can skip ahead to the 4 minute mark.  And GO!

And I don’t know this girl, so don’t email me about how her voice bugs you or her room has weird stuff on the walls.  I’m aware.  Nothing I can do.  But she does share a genius idea, you have to give her credit!

Now it takes a bit of practice, and I do use bobby pins to secure my bun in place if I’m going to wear it that way all day because my hair is really silky and tends to slip around eventually.  But it gives a great look and I’ve had tons of girls that I don’t know stop and ask me how I did my bun.  And I told them to watch this video.  Here’s a photo of mine:
{sorry for the extreme close up.  it is really hard to take a picture of your own bun you guys!}
So, now your turn!  Watch the video, try a bun, take a photo, & share it with me on my facebook page!  SOCK BUN!  
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So, your homework for the weekend: SOCK BUNS!  xx