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How Adding Kittens To Our Home Has Been the Perfect Pairing For Our Family | Oh Lovely Day

Adding a new pet to your family can be a time of transition for both you and your furry friend. After adopting our kitties we learned by trial and error how to help them get comfortable in their new home and with their new family. So I thought maybe sharing some of the things we learned could help other families looking to a furry member to their family.

How Adding Kittens To Our Home Has Been the Perfect Pairing For Our Family | Oh Lovely Day

Take Your Time Getting To Know Each Other

Your pet has their own individual needs and personality. Get to know what they like and dislike before you invest a lot of money into foods, litters, beds, toys, etc. Pets can be very particular about what kind of water bowl they use (three different types have been rejected in our house so far, but they sure do love to drink out of the toilet!), where they want to sleep (hint: not in the pet bed I provided), and so many other things. So don’t rush into buying anything. Just follow their lead, set boundaries, and cuddle for a while.

Let Them Ease Into Your Home

Depending on where you got your pet and how old they are, they might need some time getting used to their new environment. Since we rescued barn cats that had mostly been in their own space and hadn’t spent a lot of time around people, we confined them in smaller spaces and gradually opened up the territory that they were free to roam in. We also did little visits, adding to the length of time and frequency until they were used to us.

Our cats also needed to be litter trained, so confining them in a large bathroom with a litter box helped with that as well. By the time they were ready to come out of that bathroom and out of the basement, they were litter trained.

Do Your Research

If you are looking to adopt a dog that will be mostly indoors, a hound is probably not the best choice. If someone in your home is allergic to dogs or cats, there are certain types and breeds that work better than others. If you have small children, some types of animals work much better than others. Older animals or ones that haven’t been around people, or those that have been abused may not work best for the littlest kids in your home that don’t know what “gentle” is yet. Be sure to do lots of research about what type of animal, what breed, what age, what circumstances work best for your family. So many people end up surrendering pets because of unrealistic expectations and not doing proper research ahead of time.

Tips for Transitioning a New Pet into Your Family Tips for Transitioning a New Pet into Your Family Tips for Transitioning a New Pet into Your Family

Give them the right food and nutrition.

In addition to lots of love, giving your pet the right food is the most important thing you can do. You want them to live the healthiest and longest life possible, and choosing the right food for their specific needs is key to that. We chose Purina Pro Plan® Prime Plus™ for many reasons. For starters, it is backed by 85 years of Purina research. There are 70+ formulas available that deliver both outstanding nutrition and the taste your pets love (because it doesn’t matter how nutritious it is if your pet won’t actually eat it.). In a 9 year study of cats exclusively fed a complete diet with the proprietary blend vs. cats fed the complete and balanced diet alone, Purina Pro Plan® Prime Plus™ proprietary blend was proven to improve and extend the life of cats age 7 and older.

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Tips for Transitioning a New Pet into Your Family

I always stock up on our Purina® Pro Plan® + food at Petsmart. I never have to worry whether or not it will be in stock or if they’ll have what I need. They have great customer service and a fantastic return policy if it turns out your pet won’t eat the food you’ve bought for them. And you can bring your pets to the store to shop with you. Plus, you can take advantage of a great promo for a limited time:

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How Adding Kittens To Our Home Has Been the Perfect Pairing For Our Family | Oh Lovely Day

What advice do you have for people looking to add a new pet to their home? How have done it in your own family?