Our First Six Months In Columbus

I can hardly believe it, but it has been six months since we said goodbye to Los Angeles and embarked on our next family adventure of moving to Columbus, Ohio. We took the photo above in front of our old home together before we left for the airport. My husband stayed behind for twelve weeks for work, and I flew with my mom to Columbus, stayed with a friend for a week until our belongings arrived via our U-Packs, and officially moved into our new home. I moved to a new state, new town, new home with three small boys all by myself. To a town we had never spent any time in and into a home we bought without being able to see it in person (thank goodness we had an amazing realtor who happens to be married to my best friend). When I reflect back on all of that, I cannot believe I made it. I had a ton of help from our parents and friends, especially my mom who has been a lifesaver throughout the hardships of a move and my solo-parenting weeks. But I moved with my kids, I got our house ready to move into, I got my oldest enrolled in a new school, I got our home unpacked and set up, and I mostly did it on my own. It is amazing the things we can do when he have to 🙂

Our First Six Months In Columbus Our First Six Months In Columbus Our First Six Months In Columbus

The first couple of months were hard without my husband but were also new and exciting and fun. We were seeing friends and family more, we were getting to experience the end of summer and a real fall, and we had a new house that was all ours with a big yard and so much potential for making wonderful family memories. We watched birds in the feeder out of our front window and found frogs on our walk to school (yes, we can walk to school!) We stayed up to see lightning bugs and dug in our backyard to find worms and planted flowers and watched the leaves go from green to red and orange and brown. We played in our backyard a lot. We visited my best friend and my kids played with her kids and we met their chickens and barn kittens and my boys were in heaven. We tried our best to soak it all in.


Our First Six Months In Columbus Our First Six Months In Columbus Our First Six Months In Columbus

Then at the end of October my husband arrived and everything fell into place. We started to explore our new city more, and we have fallen in love with Columbus. We are members of COSI (our science museum), the Columbus Museum of Art (which has a wonderful kids area), and the Columbus Zoo, which is possibly the best zoo I’ve ever visited. My husband and I took advantage of a weekly daytime sitter and went on day dates and explored new areas like German Village and the Short North and Clintonville. We’ve found places we love to eat and have discovered a great indie movie theater. We miss the beach and Griffith Observatory and LACMA, and I miss my hiking trails, but we’ve found some wonderful new places here in our new home city. And there’s so much more to explore once spring comes.

It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows. In fact there hasn’t been nearly enough sunshine and there’s been way too much snow. The snow was fun at first, but I’m seriously over this brutal winter that is hazing the crap out of us. Seasonal affective disorder and cabin fever have really set in, and with it a level of homesickness for LA that is hard to describe. I don’t miss the traffic or how it would take hours to just run to Target or the supermarket. But I do miss being able to take my boys outside and feel the warm sun on my face. It’s cold y’all!

Our First Six Months In Columbus Our First Six Months In Columbus Our First Six Months In Columbus Our First Six Months In Columbus

Even more than the sunshine and warm weather, I miss my Los Angeles friends. Meeting people here in the burbs has proven harder than I thought it would be. Charlie’s school is a good one and we can walk there but I don’t feel the sense of community that we had at West Hollywood Elementary where he went before. We really loved the kids and parents we met there. For example, when Quincy was born we had food delivered to our house for two weeks, all from parents of Charlie’s classmates. We just celebrated Quincy’s second birthday, so we’ve been here as long as he was in school that year and I only know two of the moms’ first names (and it isn’t for lack of trying, there just isn’t as much opportunity to connect with other parents). I think many people grew up in this area and have their friends and family already and aren’t in the “meet new people” mindset like we’re used to in a big city. We have some friends that we already knew before we moved here but we’d love to meet some people in our burb or neighborhood. Meeting new people that you connect with is always hard, but I’m hoping once we all come out of our winter hibernation that people will be all warm and friendly 🙂

I’ve had a few people contact me who are thinking of making a similar move (from CA to the Midwest) and asked me if I would still make the same decision or if we regret it now that it is winter. And as much as I’m slogging along through these cold months and stuck inside because it is too cold or flu germy to leave the house with the kids, I don’t regret the move at all. I miss LA tons. But the move was the right one for us and the boys are so happy. Life is easier and simpler here and things take less effort. And financially it was a great decision. We love being closer to our families. But we’ll always miss Los Angeles and our LA family and I’m looking forward to getting back for a visit.

Our First Six Months In Columbus

So that’s our first 6 months in a nutshell. I’m really looking forward to the next 6, where we’ll thaw out, finish some projects around the house, and get back outside. I can’t believe 6 months have already gone by — just look how much they grew by comparing those last two photos. Insert all the bawling emojis.

Have you ever done a big city to suburb move where you needed to meet new people or acclimate to new weather? I’d love to hear how long it took you to adjust or any tips you have.