keeping track of the family schedule

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I’ve always been an organized person. I never mixed up appointments or forgot an important birthday. I never missed an event. I was never late. Until I had kids. Honestly, I was pretty organized until I was pregnant with Quincy (baby #3). By then, the mom-brain mixed with pregnancy brain mixed with the short term memory challenges of a person with Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism mixed with keeping track of a family of five pretty much did me in as far as living an organized life. I could no longer rely on my memory. I couldn’t even rely on the calendar on my phone, because to rely on it means I always remember to check it (or to write things down in the first place). I needed to come up with a system, before I went to the doctor on the wrong day (again) or forgot about a hair appointment or a school function. I don’t know if it is because I have three kids or because one of them is school age and suddenly has lots of activities, playdates, and school functions, but it has been such a challenge keeping it all straight. I can’t even imagine what it will be like when all three are in school!

I recently found these schedule pads from Pickett’s Press, which have been such a game changer. You can personalize them to include all of the members of your family and can keep track of everyone’s schedules in one spot. The best part is each sheet is for one week, so it is easy to see what is on tap for the week, rather than looking at a monthly calendar where it is easier to lose track of things. You can write the schedule on the pad itself and then tear off the old week to write the schedule for a new week, or you can do what I do and tear off each week and hang it somewhere that you’ll be sure to check it each day. They also have a variety of really cute designs to choose from. I like to stick mine up in the kitchen with some washi tape before the start of each new week.

Organizing the Family Schedule With Pickett's Press Organizing the Family Schedule With Pickett's Press

Right now we’re in a bit of a summer activity lull, but I know as soon as school starts back that things are going to get crazy. I love having a place to jot down the family schedule so everyone can refer to it as a reminder for the week’s events. I can refresh my memory that I have a haircut or one of the boys has a doctor’s appointment, or that we’ve booked our sitter for a date night. If you have trouble keeping track of the family calendar and need help organizing your lives, I highly recommend it! I’m such a fan that I’ve included Pickett’s Press in my newly launched Chandra’s Favorites Guide. You can see their full listing here (and there is a discount on their page as well!).

How do you keep track of your family’s schedule? Any hacks or tips to share?

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