Oh Lovely Day Chandra's Favorites Guide

You guys asked, and I’m nothing if not a people pleaser 🙂 So I found a way to share all of my favorite brands and products for family, home, baby, travel, and self-care (just to name a few categories) all in one place where you can refer to it if you’re looking for a specific recommendation. You’ll find it in the top menu at the far right under Chandra’s Favorites.

Chandra's Favorites GuideWhat or who is included?

Well, to start, I reached out to many of my favorite brands and invited them to be part of the Guide. They are brands that you’ve seen me use, post about, and tag on social media and on my blog. Many (maybe even most) are brands I use or wear every single day. Some have been family favorites since we had our first baby. All are brands I would personally stand behind as having both great products and customer service.

In the main guide where you’ll see every included brand listed you can click on each one individually, which will take you to their listing. There you’ll find a bit about the brand, why I personally love them, current discounts or coupon codes they may be offering currently, and when possible, personal photos of us using/wearing/loving the products. At the bottom of the listing will be the brand’s website, Instagram feed, and Facebook page so you can easily find and follow them.

I won’t just be including products — I’ll also include services and other things that I’ve loved, used, or found to be mom sanity savers.

Is the guide a complete list of your favorite things?

The short answer is no. I will be sending invites out monthly and adding to the guide once each month. There are so many things I love and recommend that aren’t yet included, but I hope they will be someday! You can still always ask me for recommendations, as many of you already do, in comments or via email. But since life gets busy (and is about to get really crazy with us for a while with some big things ahead for our family – stay tuned! and no I’m not pregnant!!) I wanted there to be a place you can go and find what you’re looking for in case it takes me a while to respond to your questions.

Full disclosure: each brand did pay a small fee to be included (mama’s gotta pay the bills, ya know?) but each one was personally invited and would not be included if they were not an authentic favorite. Just like sponsored posts, I only work with brands that I think you would find helpful or that I have personally loved. I turn down sponsored opportunities all the time because they aren’t the right fit for me, and I would never include a brand that I don’t believe in. I did invite some brands that didn’t have it within their budget to pay for inclusion — I will still be sharing and posting about those brands organically when I am wearing/using/discovering them like I always have. But this guide took a lot of time to create and I can’t justify building it if I’m not being paid something for my time and effort, especially because that takes time away from other paid work or from my family. I hope that doesn’t make you think the guide is anything short of genuine and authentic.

Can I be in your guide?

While I will be sending out invites to many brands, my mom brain can’t possibly remember all of my favorites. Or perhaps we’ve never worked together but you think I would love your product and my readers would too. I have an application that you can fill out to be considered, which I will review monthly. I will then follow up with the brands I think are a fit or that I’d like to learn more about first. I’ll open up the guide to new listings once a month. But keep in mind that I won’t include any brand or product that I haven’t personally seen, touched, used — I just can’t recommend something that I haven’t tried myself.

If you fall into one of the following categories (or even if you don’t — I can always add a category that I think is relevant to my readers!), I would love to hear from you.

You can find the Favorites Guide application here.

So I’m thrilled to introduce you to my new labor of love: Chandra’s Favorites Guide! It is a work in progress (which is being done with two crazy toddlers around me at all times) so be sure to check back each month for updates and new listings. I’ll also send updates and new coupon codes to my email subscribers, so if you aren’t one already you can sign up for that here.

So, what do you think? And what product or category would you love to see recommendations for? I hope you love it and find it helpful — that is my mission.