Mom-Friendly Spring and Summer Style basics for 2019 season

A couple years ago I realized that I tend to wear the same 5 things now already (beyond the standard t-shirt and yoga pants) and how, after three babies, I’ve pretty much figured out the perfect uniform for this phase of life: comfy but still stylish enough to make you feel put together, babywearing-friendly, nursing-friendly, extra weight-friendly, affordable, and transitions well from season to season.

So I thought I would share my mom uniform (can we call it a momiform?) pieces that I tend to wear over and over because they fit the above criteria. (Note: I update the items each season so the links are active and in stock and season-appropriate so some linked items but not be pictured in the included photos.)

This isn’t a real capsule wardrobe experiment but sort of a “dip your toe into the capsule wardrobe pool” kind of thing. Or you can call it a Basics Wardrobe. I do love the idea of investing in well-made basics that you can mix and match and wear over and over that you really love, versus buying lots of “stuff” to wear that you just feel meh about and after you add up all the money you spent on that, you could have invested in a piece you love.

First, here are some of my favorite current pieces for Spring/Summer 2019.

A good summer weight button down shirt: My favorite style is the Courier Shirt from Madewell. It is oversized and drapey, but just enough. This yellow is a great bold color choice, and this striped one is also pretty for summer. This indigo one and this white one, both from Target, are budget-friendly options (close but not quite up to the quality of the Madewell ones.)

A breezy summer dress: This striped sleeveless shirtdress is my new favorite and is the perfect dress for summer at a great price. This one is also really lovely, especially in white.

Denim cutoffs: I feel like IG influencers are always recommending denim cutoffs, and every time I see them I’m like “yeah, maybe on your size 2 body, but those will never work on my size 10 frame!” They are often too tight and usually too short. I like my cut-offs to be a 5 inch inseam and these from Madewell are made for curvy bodies like mine.

You can shop them directly below. I regularly update these with current links with style selects for each season, while farther down in the post I’ve included general tips for creating a mom-friendly capsule wardrobe as well as some fall/winter favorites as well.

Such great tips for simplifying your closet and wardrobe by building a capsule wardrobe that is stylish and mom-friendly! Shares basics, that you can use to build your wardrobe that are budget-friendly, comfortable, baby wearing and nursing friendly, and stylish too. Must pin for moms (or any woman)


1. A great button down shirt or tunic (or two or three or five).

A button down shirt is a daily staple in my momiform, and there’s not much that is more nursing-friendly if you are in that stage. I like to layer a long button down over a nursing tank and leggings (leaving it open or buttoning a couple of buttons) for maximum comfort that still looks put together in my early nursing days. And then when I’m ready to ditch the nursing tanks and am able to wear jeans again I switch my other basics but stick to a good button down. I tend to gravitate towards the roomier boyfriend-style personally, and like them to be on the longer side.

For a basics wardrobe, you would just pick a couple really versatile ones, so I recommend finding a good white one and a chambray one. Both can be dressed up or down and go with everything. If you’re afraid to do white because of kiddo messes, grey is another great option. Plaid is too limiting — it only goes with certain things and is more easily remembered so you’ll tend to steer clear of it because you’re afraid people will always think you wear the same plaid shirt. But we never worry when we’re wearing simple basics — at least, I don’t 🙂 You can definitely have a plaid or striped button down, but I wouldn’t include it in “basics.”

A few of my favorite options are:

nursing friendly wardrobe essentials

2. A maxi dress.

I’m not a fan of wearing shorts — I’ve always found them to be uncomfortable and unflattering (on me) so I like wearing lightweight maxi dresses as an alternative. Bonus points for a v-neck or a partial button down, because those are nursing-friendly as well. Since I’ve nursed three babies, a strappy sundress-style is no longer an option for me (my bra-less days are gone 🙁 ) but I have that these are two styles that work really well for me:

  • Short sleeved flowy v-neck maxi: I have this dress in every color and style it comes in. It is my go-to, as it is flattering, lightweight, not too long, the slits aren’t too high (if you baby wear keep in mind that everything gets shorter when you put your carrier on), and it has pockets! (pictured below in black)

Style tip: If you live in colder climates you can wear this into fall with a cute cardigan (a really long one would work best) or a short or cropped denim or leather jacket.
Creating a capsule wardrobe that is chic, comfortable, mom-friendly (bonus points for nursing-friendly pieces), affordable, and transitions well from season to season. A must pin for style ideas!

3. Faux Leather Leggings

One of my favorite and most versatile pairs of pants are my Spanx faux leather leggings. You can dress them up or down — I pair them with a cute sweater and booties to dress them up or wear them with a nicer sweatshirt and sneakers to dress them down. They have a hefty price tag for pants, but honestly, I have worn the heck out of these for two years and they still look brand new. They are machine washable and have that “hold you in and lift you up” thing that spanx do. I LOVE them and cannot recommend them enough! They do sometimes go on sale too but for the wear I get out of them they have definitely been worth the money for me. I’m wearing them below.

I've discovered the warmest and coziest winter coat ever and you need to get one too!Fall and Winter Wardrobe Staples (that are also mom-friendly!)

4. Jeans

I mean, this is a no-brainer. But depending on my size, what phase of postpartum I’m in, etc. I like different types of jeans for different stages. For the first 6-12 months postpartum I love jeggings. They look more pulled together than sweats but feel comfy. These from Old Navy were always my favorites and they are affordable enough to grab a couple different pairs.

When you’re ready for zipper or button fly jeans, I have three favorite pairs depending on your budget:


I've discovered the warmest and coziest winter coat ever and you need to get one too!

5. Outerwear

These are the four outerwear basics I think every mom needs in her basics wardrobe (depending on where you live and what your climate is like — obviously if you live somewhere without a winter you probably don’t need the coat):

  • The perfect cardigan: for me it is long, not too thick or heavy but still substantial, and has pockets. I also want it to be grey or cream to be the most versatile. This one is basically the holy grail of cardigans for me and I got it on sale.
  • Sweater blazer: I’ve been consistently wearing this one for two seasons and still love it. I have it in camel but would love it in grey as well.
  • A denim jacket: I’ve had the same denim jacket from Gap since I was a freshman in college. I love it. I wear it with everything. Though it doesn’t fit comfortably right now with my nursing boobs, it will always be part of my wardrobe. I especially love wearing it over a dress or a tee and midi skirt.
  • A leather jacket: Nothing looks cooler than a black leather jacket. Moto style is my personal favorite. You could also do a bomber, which is really on trend right now. But when it comes to staple pieces, I think classic is always better and timeless.
  • A warm puffer coat: Some basics/essentials serve a necessary and practical purpose over style, but this coat is cute and has one million pockets, plus is like wearing a warm down comforter. It is the warmest coat I’ve ever owned and I always get asked about it. (Pictured above)

Creating a capsule wardrobe that is chic, comfortable, mom-friendly (bonus points for nursing-friendly pieces), affordable, and transitions well from season to season. A must pin for style ideas!

6. Underwear + Bras

You know what no one tells you before you have a baby? That your favorite undergarments from before will probably not be your favorite after. Or even ever fit you again — especially when it comes to bras. I think many moms have to figure out what style of underwear and bras work best for them after they have had babies. I know that the underwear I wore before aren’t comfortable to me now and that my bra size and needs have definitely changed since I gave birth and nursed three babies. So two tips for restocking your underwear drawer:

  • Let go of your past bra size and preferred style. Those might not work for you anymore. You have to try out new sizes and style options to see what works best for you. You could either go to a store to try on and be sized (but with baby in tow that’s not that appealing to me). I highly recommend ThirdLove. They have a fit finder to help you find your fit based on your breast shape and fit issues. Then they have a ‘try before you buy’ program where they send you a bra and you can actually try it on and wear it for 30 days. If you don’t love it, you send it back and only pay $2.99 for shipping. Any returned bras are washed and donated to charity. The best part though is that their bras are designed for a better fit, tailored to both size and shape and also come in 1/2 sizes. They use memory foam to form to your breast, making them really comfortable. And they are also really beautiful. I have two and am addicted. UPDATE: They now offer nursing bras that are just as comfy and pretty as the regular bras!
  • Revisit your current underwear stock. Which styles do you currently find comfortable? Hipsters? Boy shorts? Briefs? High waisted briefs? Whatever it is, try to stick to that style when you buy yourself new underwear. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it also doesn’t have to be total crap (pun intended). I preferred lace thongs pre-babies and now I hate them. This is my favorite pair of underwear for comfort, quality, and style. And ThirdLove also has underwear (I haven’t tried yet but I’ve heard great things.) I also LOVE and think every woman who still has a period needs to own a set of Thinx. Have you heard of them? They call it “period proof underwear that works” and after using it over the course of three periods I have to agree! I typically use them on my heavier days as a backup in case of leakage or on lighter days in lieu of a tampon or pad. All you do is rinse them out and then toss them in the wash! Just be sure to follow laundering instructions. I highly recommend these, plus anything that can help us get rid of cheap tampons and pads that are made with toxic chemicals is a win for me. Buy some for yourself here.

7. A Midi Skirt

I really love a good midi skirt. They are the perfect length for me, can be worn casually with a tee and sneakers or dressed up with sandals or heels and paired with a cuter top. They are flattering and you can find really cute ones at pretty affordable prices. I especially love the pleated ones (I wore a metallic one in our family photos above) and it is now one of my favorite pieces.

8. A Shirt Dress

I love shirt dresses because they are really cute, usually have a button down neck (another nursing-friendly piece for the win!), and flattering to many different body types. I prefer the midi-length personally, but there are also really cute maxi style ones as well as above the knee lengths.

9. Overalls

Overalls are a great staple for moms! There are two basic styles, and I love them and have them both: relaxed and fitted. I wear my relaxed ones when I’m hanging at home, working outside, playing with my kids, walking to school to pick up my son, etc. I wear my fitted ones for a date, casual business meeting, etc. These are my favorite two sources:

And in case you need help with more options or ideas, I’m sharing more that you can shop directly below. Have you done a capsule wardrobe? What would be your biggest staple pieces to include?

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