documenting baby with monthly photosI love the idea of weekly or monthly documentation of your baby’s first year and I’ve actually gotten better at it with each baby I’ve had, thanks to Instagram. With my first baby I just took the monthly photos, but I didn’t write things down very often. I started a baby book with him and kept track of most of his milestones, but the photos and memories aren’t all in one place. With Calvin, I started both weekly and monthly photo projects, posting them to instagram with specific hashtags so I could go back and see the photos all together for comparing and printing later. I did the same with Quincy as well and I think his photos are my favorite of the three. Maybe because he’s such a chub 🙂

A few tips for doing your own monthly milestone documenting: 

  • pick an area of your home and time of day that gets good natural light and when your baby is happy (not tired or hungry). Try to use the same spot and time of day for all photos if possible, just for continuity. It makes for better comparisons once your project is complete.
  • pick a way to document the month each month that is the same. I used these monthly stickers, but there are so many cute ideas. I’ve pinned a bunch here if you’re looking for some. The stickers were a new concept when I had my first baby 6+ years ago and they are easy and require very little effort. I stuck with that method so I could compare each of my children at the same ages. But there are so many cute ideas out there now (love ideas incorporating flowers or fruit especially.)
  • Once you have them on social media all in one place, you can print little books of the photos. Some of my favorite methods are:
    • Chatbooks for mini-books and smaller themes (like just the weekly or monthly photos). I also love their ongoing series books to print straight from your instagram. My readers can use code OHLOVELYDAY to get your first book in an ongoing series free OR 10% off any books or prints.
    • Shortcake for a scrapbook-style coffee table memory book that requires very little work on your part, because they make it for you (this is my preferred method of doing a large memory book — easy to do with beautiful results!)
    • Blurb if you want a larger coffee-table style book but prefer to design it entirely yourself (does any parent have time for that though?) But if you do, you can get 35% off photo books with code MAKEIT35 at Blurb right now.

I’ll be sharing my tips for making your own baby book and family memory books later this week! Stay tuned or sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss it.

Source for Monthly Stickers: Lucy Darling Shop


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