With so many amazing baby products available today it seems like there is something out there to fit every need (except the device that ensures the pacifier stays in baby’s mouth — if someone can invent a safe method of doing that you will be a ZILLIONAIRE). While some of those great products come with a great big price tag (for good reason) there are others that cost very little. After having three babies I have to say that some of my absolute essentials are in the under $15 range. And for how much you’ll use them and love them, that basically means you’re making money 🙂 So I thought I would share my favorites in case there are some on my list you haven’t heard of or tried yourself. I’d put all of these on my registry if I were doing it all again as a brand new mom. 

  1. Fridababy NailFrida: These baby nail clippers might be my favorite thing of all time, and I’m dead serious. Those baby nail files are a total joke. They don’t do anything. And the other nail clippers can clip baby’s skin. When Charlie was a couple of weeks old I totally clipped his skin and I have mom guilt to this day for drawing blood. The NailFrida is designed so it is pretty much impossible to clip anything but nail. They are brilliant. And $11.95 (plus there’s a $1 off coupon and free Prime shipping right now).
  2. ZoLi Gummy Gum Massager: I first discovered the ZoLi Gum Massagers with Calvin and he loved them. I’m currently using them with Quincy and it’s love for him too, so I am convinced it wasn’t a fluke the first time around. These are easy for baby to hold, and they just go to town chewing on them which must feel good on their sore gums. They have a little hole in the handle so you can use a pacifier clip to secure it to baby’s clothing or a stroller strap and just let them go to town. And they come in a pack of 2 for $12!
  3. Munchkin Click Lock Snack Catcher: Oh snacks. They are a lifesaver for distractions, bribes, and keeping baby awake in the stroller ride home before nap time. They have saved me from many a meltdown. So a good snack catcher is key. There are a lot of options out there, and I’ve probably tried them all over the last 6+ years as a mom. But hands down the best one is the Munchkin Click LockDeluxe. The lid can’t be pulled off by little hands (my kids would always just rip the lid off the other kinds and then spill the snack everywhere). And there is an attached re-sealable cap so the snack doesn’t get stale if it isn’t eaten all at one time. $11 for a pack of two.
  4. Fridababy Windi Gas and Colic Reliever: I’ve tooted the horn of this product a lot because it was a huge lifesaver with Quincy’s colic. When he would get screamy and nothing else calmed him down, I would use the Windi and sure enough gas would come out and he would be much happier. The device seems a bit strange, but trust me IT WORKS and is worth both the cost and the occasional mess that follows. A must have to have on hand because all babies experience gas — some just get it worse than others. Veteran mom tip: Place a diaper under baby’s bum when you do it to catch any potential messes 😉
  5. Honest Co Healing Balm: This is in every baby shower gift I give. It works for diaper rash, as a good barrier cream, on dry skin, baby acne, and even worked on Calvin’s eczema in a pinch. I always have a tube in my diaper bag and in my diaper caddy. $12.95 (Sign up for an essentials bundle and save even more — I buy it, the shampoo/body wash, breathe easy rub, detangler, and sunscreen stick. Plus I add on the hand sanitizer spray (perfect for little hands).
  6. Munchkin Food Pouch Spoon Tips: I can’t believe I only just discovered these with Quincy, because boy do they make feeding on the go a breeze! Just twist these onto the food pouch (they have worked with any brand I’ve tried) and spoon feed on the go with way less mess. I always have one in my diaper bag. And they come in a pack of two for $5.99.
  7. Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup: Another brilliant invention by Munchkin! This one is a no-spill cup that is easy to clean and is dentist recommended for it’s spout free design. Little kids feel like big kids drinking from a regular cup style and big kids don’t feel like babies. But no one spills! 2 for $12. (they also have a new stainless steel version that is so great for keeping drinks cold for $17).
  8. Ubli Mold-free Bath Toys: These toys are interchangeable, are squeezable, and open for easy cleaning (no mold!). They are the only spout-style bath toy I would buy for that reason. $10 for a set. The stacking cups are great too!
  9. Punkin Butt Teething Oil: This wins the award for the worst name for a great product. But it really does work wonders for a teething baby! Calvin was not a good teether and I literally tried everything. This all natural oil works much better than an orajel-type product to soothe sore gums, plus it is all natural. Calvin would literally go from crying to smiling as soon as I pulled out the bottle and before I even used it. Then when he was cutting his 2 year molars he flat out asked for it. Quincy loves it too and has the same cry-to-smile reaction. I have a bottle for each of them. Get it, use it, thank me later.
  10. Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment: This is the only lotion I have used on Quincy since I discovered it right before he was born. I used it on him in the NICU after he had his tubes removed and his face was a mess from the tape used to hold them in place. It cleared up in a day and he has had perfect skin (not even one blemish of baby acne) ever since. LOVE. $12.
  11. Wubbanub Pacifier: I always tell people not to bother registering for pacifiers before baby is born because you don’t know if they will take one, what kind they will prefer, plus the hospital sends you home with some. But my one exception to this rule is the Wubbanub. It is a little stuffed animal attached to a paci, which both helps to keep it in their mouths and also is like a little lovey. None of my kids have really taken a paci but they still loved this for a little while and then to chew on and play with as well. In fact, I’ve had the same one for all three kids 🙂 $14
  12. NoseFrida: The famed nasal aspirator, for good reason — it works! — should be on every single registry. Period. I promise you won’t suck snot into your mouth (there is a filter that prevents it) but when you have a sick baby you wouldn’t even care if you did if it meant they could sleep.
  13. BabyBum Diaper Cream Bum Brush: This diaper cream applicator keeps your fingers out of the diaper cream, spreads it smoother and thicker, reduces wasted cream, and is more sanitary. For under $10, it is a must have!
  14. Stop the Dropsy tether: one of the things that drives me the most crazy is the number of snack cups, sippies, and toys my kids chuck. We have lost so many on stroller walks and the noise and spills when dropped from the high chair makes me nuts. I had a different tether product but this one works for three different types of products (cups, toys, and as a pacifier clip). Genius. $10
  15. Aden & Anais Burpy Bibs: Babies spit up. That’s just a fact of parenthood. Some spit up a LOT, and I’ve had two of those myself. That is why I love these burpy bibs, which snap all the way around baby’s neck, or lay flat to use as a burp cloth. Plus, they’re cute. And when you’re dealing with lots of spit up it is nice to have something cute to hide the something not so cute 🙂

So there you have it. Now obviously this list doesn’t include apparel, blankets, or toys. I feel like so many people give those gifts regardless of what you register for and you don’t want to end up with a bunch of clothes that baby will grow out of in a blink and none of the stuff you really need and will use for the long haul.

Did I include any of your favorite things? Am I missing anything that you would add? Did you discover anything you hadn’t yet heard of? If you’re done having babies, share with a friend. And if you aren’t done or just getting started — pin now, buy later 😉