52 weeks of Quincy project. Take a photo of your baby in the same spot every week for a year for a great keepsake and way to see their growth over a year!

I did a 52 weeks project with Calvin, so when Quincy came along I knew I couldn’t let him be the third child who wasn’t documented as much as his brothers. Plus, any excuse to take his photo and use that Ikea rug, right? I cannot believe we’ve already completed it, but here’s Quincy’s. If you are thinking of doing a similar project, here are a few tips: 

  1. Include the entire rug (or blanket, or whatever you’re using under your baby) in each photo, so you can see how much bigger your baby gets from week 1 to week 52 to scale. It’s obvious they have grown, but the difference is much more dramatic when you do it that way — something I learned the hard way when I did Calvin’s photos.
  2. Also, I recommend sharing them on instagram, even if you’re private, with a hashtag only you would use. That way you can make a book of them easily and download them all in one place using something like Instaport.
  3. Including some milestones or stats of your baby in each photo will help you go back and fill out a baby book (if you’re anything like me and haven’t actually started writing in one yet!) Or you can just make a book from instagram (using something like Chatbooks — my readers can get their first book free when they use code F7GVKEJX at checkout) and include your captions — an even simpler baby book idea!
  4. Showcase their (or your) favorite outfits, toys, etc. in the photos — whatever you want to remember when you look back at them later.

All photos property of Oh Lovely Day and sources and details can be found in my instagram feed under #quincysweekbyweek.