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Giving birth is an incredible experience, but it is also incredibly tough on your body. If you think about what your body actually goes through during those nine months of pregnancy and hours (or days) of labor and delivery, it is a wonder we mommas are able to do anything for days or weeks after giving birth. And yet we do — we nurse our babies, take care of our families, go without sleep and proper grooming… But we don’t really take good care of ourselves. Proper postpartum care is so important to the recovery process and so many of us go without because we don’t have the time or the resources to nurture the nurturer. Today’s busy mom is not getting her physical, emotional and medical needs met with today’s health care postpartum. Dated and damaging attitudes that surround postpartum being about getting your body back fast need to be replaced with messages of healing, support and wellness. Instead of “getting skinny” and “bouncing back” the goal should be on recovery and feeling well. The amazing and attentive care that pregnant women get needs to extend well into the weeks and months after delivery. That goes for both the health care you receive and the products designed for the postpartum mom in mind.


Postpartum recovery with Mama Strut | Oh Lovely DayOne product I discovered through a friend that was key to my postpartum recovery the third time around was the Mama Strut by Pelv-Ice. Mama Strut is focused on helping the momma in her recovery and postpartum care. Designed by a mom of three to offer women increased relief and mobility after childbirth, the device is made to care for you while you are busy caring for your family and baby. Mama Strut is a wearable soft brace that is uniquely engineered to deliver heat/ice therapy to reduce birth pain, swelling and cramping from both vaginal deliveries and c-sections, while also supporting the back and abdomen with compression.

Postpartum recovery with Mama Strut | Oh Lovely Day


Mama Strut is very different from the traditional “belly wrap.” Not only does it provide pelvic support during recovery, but it also has therapeutic heat and ice inserts and holds them in place for you (it will also hold a sanitary pad in place, which if you’ve given birth before you know is a huge bonus!) I wish I had one for all three of my postpartum phases instead of just my last one. I started wearing mine as soon as I got home from the hospital (I didn’t have it earlier, but totally recommend taking one to the hospital and wearing it right away!) Wearing it definitely helped in my need for pain medication, assisting with both my pelvic pain and my cramping. And even though it is not the Mama Strut’s primary purpose, I have to say that my body did pull back in much faster this time around and I was back in non-maternity jeans way earlier than my other two pregnancies. This is just an added bonus to the great recovery and care I was able to give myself thanks to Mama Strut. It is basically a brilliant way to soothe and recover while still being mobile and doing what we mommas have to do. I truly think every mom would benefit from having a Mama Strut in her postpartum arsenal, regardless of the type of delivery they have. It should be on your registry, in your hospital bag, and makes a great gift for the momma who isn’t yet aware of it.

To help spread the message of postpartum wellness and recovery, I’m giving a Mama Strut away to one lucky reader. Enter for yourself or someone you know that is expecting and will need one soon. Enter below. Giveaway ends 3/25/16 and a randomly-selected winner will be announced below on 3/26/16. Good luck!

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