Pregnancy Essentials | Oh Lovely DayAs I experience my third pregnancy, I am realizing that I have found tried and true must-haves for those 9 months over the course of all of my pregnancies. Some are for comfort, some for survival, and some for the safety of your baby. Here are my pregnancy essentials, whether you’re pregnant with your first, or third. And I’d love to hear yours as well.

Safe Cleaning Products

Harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients begone, especially when pregnant. I absolutely love the cleaning products from The Honest Company and regularly get their laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, multi-surface cleaner, and dryer sheets in my bundle. Bonus: they smell so good! You can even get a free trial of The Honest Essentials Bundle to try out their products.

Pregnancy Essentials | Oh Lovely Day

A Great Maxi Dress

My favorite maternity dress wasn’t even maternity! It was comfortable, cute, and oversized, making it perfect for growing tummies. But I could still wear it after pregnancy. There are lots of great options out there, but my favorite dress (pictured here) is from Roolee Boutique (and comes in three colors!)

Pregnancy Essentials | Oh Lovely Day

Nausea helpers

I had a very nauseous pregnancy for about 20 weeks and pulled out all of the stops in helping to fight the sickness. Some of my favorite helpers are: Preggie Pop Drops, Sea Bands for morning sickness, Peppermint Essential Oil (diffuse it with this or sniff it), a combination of Vitamin B Complex supplements and Unisom at night (recommended by my OB, but check with your own doctor), and as much sleep as possible.

Pregnancy Essentials | Oh Lovely Day

Belly Butter or Belly Oil

For growing, stretching, and itching bellies, a belly butter is a must-have. My favorite is this belly butter from Zoe Organics. I’m also a huge fan of their Belly Oil (great for helping with any stretch marks). I love that the ingredients are all organic and it’s a great woman and mom run company. I also really love the belly oil and body butter from Earth Mama Angel Baby. They even have a great Mama-to-Be gift set.

Pregnancy Essentials | Oh Lovely Day

 A Body Pillow made for pregnancy

This is probably the number one thing pregnant women need for comfortable sleep and to help relieve hip and back pain. This body pillow from Bump Nest is beyond amazing. They also have an incline pillow that is tremendously helpful for reflux (which I had with baby #2).

Pregnancy Essentials | Oh Lovely Day

A good prenatal vitamin

A prenatal vitamin is so important for your baby. I prefer to take one that I know is full of the good stuff mom and baby need without anything they don’t. My favorite is the Prenatal Complete from The Honest Company.



Pregnancy Essentials | Oh Lovely Day

Safe Beauty Products

You may not know this, but there are very harmful ingredients in some of your favorite beauty products that you cannot use during pregnancy. Anything with Retin, Retinol, Retin-A, etc. should be avoided. Peptides are also often advised against. But your skin is so out of whack when pregnant that it is important to use good products and stick to a good skincare routine. Check with your doctor, but these are my go-to beauty products when pregnant: Vasanti Brighten Up Cleanser, Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream (this is my favorite moisturizer and smells so good), Mario Badescu Drying Cream (one of the only safe zit zappers I could find and I still use it when I’m not pregnant because it works so well), Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Elixir (for those really weird dry patches — thanks hormones!), Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate (a safe and effective eye cream), and Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Pregnancy Peel (an amazing peel formulated specifically with pregnant and nursing women in mind!). They actually have an entire pregnancy beauty pack as well that I’d love to try.

What are your pregnancy essentials?