Sharing some news... | Oh Lovely Day

I have some big (and surprising) news to share… We’re expecting baby #3! And for those of you thinking “weren’t you like, just pregnant!?” Yes. Yes, I was.

Sharing some news... | Oh Lovely Day

While I did always want three kids, I was not expecting it to happen quite so soon. But sometimes the universe has a way of making things happen anyways, so here we are. While I was a little freaked out at first, mostly because I was not quite ready to relive the morning sickness, we are thrilled and excited to complete our family. It feels meant to be. And it was the biggest and best surprise I’ve ever had.

Here’s a little video of us sharing the news with Charlie. I was a little nervous for some reason, but he made me realize another baby is just more love to share and that everything will be great.

I’m 12 weeks along, and due 2/2/16 (although both my babies have come 7-10 days early, so I’m thinking end of January). So next up, is it another boy or a baby girl? We’ll see…