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As someone who used to have to wash their hair everyday in order for it to look socially acceptable, I’m about to say something I never thought I would: I have stopped washing my hair. And it has never looked better! I’m always skeptical about new ideas, products, alternative treatments, and other things that fall into the realm of “crunchy.” But I’m also willing to try almost anything “just in case.” A little hair background:

I have very fine hair, but a lot of it. It has a slight natural wave in some areas but is mostly straight. I partially highlight it. And I was washing, blow drying, and either flat ironing or waving it with a curling iron almost daily. I’ve also had two babies (UPDATE: now 3), so hormone fluctuations have caused it to go through a variety of interesting stages. Which brings me to a late night nursing session where I somehow got sucked into a hair infomercial about a product that basically did away with the need for shampoo. The before and afters were pretty impressive, and in my sleep deprivation and sad hair stage, I really wanted to try it. But it was expensive and I was skeptical.

Fast forward a couple of months and I noticed a cheaper version of said shampoo-less product elsewhere on Amazon. It was way cheaper — as cheap as my drugstore shampoo I was already using — so I ordered it. I was pretty excited to try it out, and I was even more excited by what I saw after I blow dried my hair!

My Hair Secret - Stop Washing Your Hair (sort of) | Oh Lovely Day

My hair had more volume, looked thicker, was less dry and straw-like, and after I blow dried I barely had to do anything else to it at all. When I was shampooing I would have to use my flat iron to smooth down my dry ends and frizz. After using this cleansing conditioner, I had NO frizz. It was a bit shocking. And my hair looked that good for three days, right out of bed. That has never happened to me before.

In the spirit of full disclosure, and so you know I’m not using any super expensive products or tools, here is what I use on my hair to style my long bob (or ‘lob’ as the cool kids call it). The photo above is when I just blowed it straight out, but I do often style it in messy waves too.

My Hair Arsenal

  • hair dryer
  • flat iron (this is my one pricy item but I’ve had it for years and I love it – so worth the money)
  • curling iron (for waves – this is the best curling iron ever, and cheap too. Be sure to get the size I link to, because it comes in several barrel sizes)
  • mousse  (I only use a teeny bit on roots)
  • finishing paste (to help give me a messy, separated texture when I do waves and help me keep a deep part)
  • cleansing conditioner
  • hairspray (again, I spray a very small amount as a finishing spray and that’s it)
  • dry shampoo (before the cleansing conditioner and occasionally still, I will prolong my “between washings” hair with this)

I do wash with this shampoo and this conditioner every 3-4 washes because I start to feel like my hair is getting a tad greasy when I don’t, but when I do my hair does not look as good as when I use the cleansing conditioner. And it takes more product and flat ironing to smooth it out on those days too.

UPDATE: I’ve heard some scary things about another brand, but I’ve never tried it and can only recommend and speak to my experience with this specific cleansing conditioner.

So, who has tried cleansing conditioner and what are your thoughts? Would you ever give up shampoo?


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