Five Favorite Board Books For Babies | Oh Lovely Day

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this one, so this Friday’s Five Faves are Calvin’s favorite board books. These are actually the ones he seems to respond to, reach for, and laugh at the most, not necessarily my favorites to read (although I do love them as well). Some of them were Charlie’s favorite at this age too, so I’m thinking your babes would also love them. Happy reading!

Five Favorite Board Books For Babies | Oh Lovely Day

1. Hello, Bugs: This one is very visual with lots of graphic black and white patterns for baby’s vision. There’s an animal version too.

2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear: I don’t know what it is, but both of my boys freaking love this book as babies.

3. Peek-A Who: This one is fun, and interactive. Calvin loves the mirror at the end of the book.

4. In My Tree: This one has a puppet-like interaction that both of my boys loved.

5. Charlie Monkey is our number one favorite – the funny animal faces always get lots of laughs and love.

Keep in mind, these are the board books my babies seem to love the most. I have my own favorites as well, but these cross over a bit. And I love all of the Sandra Boynton books and am going to introduce those to Calvin soon too.

What are your favorite board books for babies?

PS – My five favorite novels to recommend to others.


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