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The end of the month is my favorite, because that means I get to share the latest Oh Lovely Day Goodies Guide Giveaway! This month’s includes many items that I’m using and loving with my kids right now and I know you’ll love them all too. Hopefully you’ll find a new product that you love thanks to these guides and giveaways — my favorite part is connecting great companies and brands with fabulous products to all of you parents out there!

So let’s talk about this month’s loot, shall we?

1. We’ve got reusable pouches from ReSqueeze, which Charlie loves because he loves anything in a pouch (it’s a great way to hide healthy foods too) and Calvin is just starting on solids so I can make him some pureés and store them in the pouches too. It’s cheaper to  make your own pureés and just reuse the washable pouches than buying those expensive ones at the store! One winner will get a set of both 6 oz and 9 oz pouches.

2. A diaper pail is a must-have for any nursery, and the diaper pail from Munchkin is such a great odor controller. So much better than a garbage can or many of the other diaper pails on the market thanks to the baking soda cartridge! The winner will get one Munchkin diaper pail.

3. I’ve used Dr. Brown’s Bottles with both of my babies and now am starting to try a training cup when we feed solids as well. They are the best bottles, especially for things like gas and colic.  The winner will get a set of bottles and training cups from Dr. Browns.

4. I’ve shared how much I love Zutano‘s baby booties, but all of their apparel is adorable! They’ve got great prints, colors, and styles for babies and toddlers — but the booties and elf suits are my absolute favorites. One winner will receive $100 credit to spend at Zutano!

5. I love finding products that are super useful and also serve multiple needs. The Sprout Shell is one of those products! It is a great car seat cover, leaving open the handle so you can carry baby easily and also covering the car seat entirely rather than just hanging over it and blowing all over the place. But you can also use it as a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover (so your baby doesn’t immediately put his mouth on that disgusting and germy handle, which they totally do!), and high chair cover. It’s the only cover that does it all and is an essential for any diaper bag or stroller basket to use when you’re out and about.

6. If you follow my mom/baby posts on this blog, over on Momtastic, or on instagram you already know how much I love the Ollie World swaddle. I credit it and luck with Calvin sleeping through the night starting at a young age with no sleep training. It made those first 3-4 months so much easier. I’ve recommended it to every new mom I know. And now someone is going to win one! (and you can see my review of it here if you’re into that short of thing.)

7. If you haven’t heard of Bitsy’s Brain Food yet, it’s time you did. Charlie is obsessed with their “letter cookies” and I love that he thinks he’s getting a treat when they’re really filled with fruits & veggies and packed with vitamins, minerals and Omega-3, DHA, and folic acid. They are a great snack for good eaters and picky eaters alike. And they make a cereal too! The winner will get a variety of Bitsy’s Brain Food goodies to try.

8. Do you have a teething baby or one that scratches or claws at you or himself when nursing? Mine does both and our teething necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop has become a staple in our house. Anytime I nurse or babywear I put it on and Calvin has something to gnaw on or hold onto. Plus, they are so cute! Someone will win their choice of one teething/nursing necklace.

9. My favorite and most-used baby item right now is the Ergobaby 360. It’s a lifesaver, cuddle-enabler, and great for getting out and about. There are things about the 360 that make it even better, for me, than other Ergo carriers and many other brands as well (which I talk about more here.) And one of you is going to win one!

So who’s excited about all of these goodies!? Enter below in the widget box (if you don’t see one, give it a minute to load — especially if you are on a mobile device.) Giveaway ends 2/28/15 at 8pm PST. Winner will be notified by email and displayed in widget box below sometime on 3/1/15, so check back to see who won.

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