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4Moms MamaRoo Giveaway on Oh Lovely Day

If you follow me on instagram you are already well aware of my love of 4Moms products. Both the mamaRoo and the rockaRoo get a lot of love in our house. Since about day 3 of life, Calvin has had a special bond with his mamaRoo. In those early days it allowed me time to get a shower and…wait for it…blow dry my hair! And as the mother of two, it gave me precious time with my oldest without has well. I was already feeling so guilty by always having to say “just a minute, I’m changing Calvin’s diaper” or “maybe later buddy, I have to feed your brother.” So if I wasn’t changing a diaper or nursing, I could give Charlie a turn at some undivided momma attention thanks to the mamaRoo.

4Moms MamaRoo Giveaway on Oh Lovely Day

Let me quickly shed a tear at how tiny Calvin was and how big he is already. I mean, look how teeeeeny! I didn’t take nearly enough photos of him in the mamaRoo in the early days, mostly because I was taking advantage of that time. Oh, that precious free time… But that is during week one, when he would be in dreamland for hours in the mamaRoo (and that’s the infant insert you see under him.)

4Moms MamaRoo Giveaway on Oh Lovely Day 4Moms MamaRoo Giveaway on Oh Lovely Day

At four months in, we still use the mamaRoo daily. While Calvin doesn’t nap in it anymore (mostly because we’ve transitioned to 3 naps a day in his crib), he does love to sit in it and stare at the mobile. It calms him, so I usually put him in it for 15 minutes or so before naptime. And if he has been fed, he’s perfectly content to chill in there and give me time to clean out the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, run to the bathroom, and maybe even get a quick blog post edited. Between a playmat, a bouncer, an exersaucer, and the mamaRoo, the mamaRoo wins every time. I get maybe 15 minutes with the other stuff, but with the mamaRoo? It gives me so much time if I need it.

4Moms MamaRoo Giveaway on Oh Lovely Day 4Moms MamaRoo Giveaway on Oh Lovely Day

(don’t let his face fool you, he freaking loves this thing – he just likes to mean mug)

And now there’s an all new mamaRoo, that has all of the magic happy baby fairy dust of the old version, but it also has an iPhone app and pairs with your phone. So you can control the power, motion, speed, and sounds without actually getting close to it, which is amazing considering your baby is going to be fast asleep in this thing and you won’t want to risk waking them with an on foot approach. There will be a time when you put the mamaRoo in the nursery and for a while it is all baby will sleep in. I can almost guarantee it. So being able to control it from afar is brilliant.

Because I love the mamaRoo and all of you, I’ve partnered with 4Moms to give one mamaRoo away. So, who wants one?

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