oh lovely day

Have you dreamed of having a destination wedding? Do you want a destination wedding but aren’t sure what location to pick? There are definitely lots of things to consider when deciding 1. whether to have a destination wedding, and 2. where to have your destination wedding. Here are some factors to consider to help choose the place that is right for you and your wedding. The best place to start is to think about where you are daydreaming about the most. Are you thinking of a resort fiesta in Mexico or a romantic island wedding in the Carribean? Start a pinterest board, read travel sites, talk to your partner, and make a list of your dream locales. Next, think about some practical issues. How many guests do you hope will attend? How difficult, expensive, etc. will it be for those guests to join you in your dream destination? What kind of experience do you most want to have with your guests? Are you also honeymooning in the same place after your wedding?

oh lovely day

As a wedding blogger I’ve been lucky to have visited both Mexico and the Carribean and have seen all that they both have to offer in the area of destination weddings. For the beautiful scenery alone, not to mention the relaxing and romantic vibe, both are ideal settings. Think about cultural offerings, the length of travel, the differences in expense for you and your guests, the food and drink options, and the resort possibilities when making your decision. You really can’t go wrong either way with Caribbean and Latin America Marriott and JW Resorts.


Another great tool to help you decide what location is right for you is the Marriot Resorts Matrimony Quiz – it can help you decide on a resort and location that is the right fit for your wedding. Once you’ve found the location and resort that is right for you, request information from that resort about having your wedding at their property. Where do you plan to have your destination wedding?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Caribbean and Latin America Marriott and JW Resorts. All opinions are 100% mine.

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