I attended a fabulous wedding this weekend that had lots of personal details and guest-loved treats (think an ice cream truck AND a grilled cheese truck for late-night eats!). But one thing the bride did that I especially loved? She wore her mother’s wedding dress for her rehearsal.

I think this is such a sweet way to honor your mom while still getting to wear your own dress and style on your wedding day.  Tracy (the bride and my cousin’s new wife) wore a trench coat over the gown and right before she walked down the aisle during her rehearsal she whipped off her coat and surprised her mom (and her Nana who had made the dress for her mother) with her rehearsal attire.  Everyone was in tears!

a lovely idea: wear your mother's wedding gown for your rehearsal!
{Tracy wearing her mother’s gown at her rehearsal}

I really wish I had done this for my own wedding.  You can always change into something more practical for your rehearsal dinner if you don’t want to be in a wedding gown all night. here’s another photo I found of a bride doing it and getting a photo with a photo of her mom in the dress.

What do you think?  Have you ever heard of wearing your mother’s wedding gown at a rehearsal?  Did you do it?