So I may be late on this, but I just learned yesterday about this amazing movement started by Ann Curry.  You can read about the whole thing here, but in a nutshell she got the idea to do 26 random acts of kindness, one to honor each of the fallen in the Sandy Hook tragedy.  When I read the article I was in tears, both because I’m still so heartbroken about the tragedy but also because I was so inspired by her (if you read the article she talks about how she used a polaroid camera to take photos at a hospital in Darfur of every momma and child she could, because they had never seen or had a photo of their babies. How much do I take for granted taking 500 photos a day of my baby!?)

So I thought, what will my 26 acts be?  Some I am planning: leaving flowers on the doorstep of a neighbor with cancer whose husband left her the second she went into remission, giving a starbucks giftcard to someone today that looks like they need a cup of coffee.  And some I think I’ll be inspired by in the moment.

In honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy I'm doing 26 random acts of kindness. Click thru to read more about it & join in! #26ACTS

I think it would be so wonderful to see this movement spread and for strangers and those who need a little extra love or kindness every day or during the holidays to feel it and know it is the spirit of those babies and teachers.  What an amazing and inspiring way to honor them.  And hopefully, it would bring a small comfort to the families of the victims as well.

So, what is your favorite idea for a random act of kindness?  Let’s spread the word.  Or pledge to join below and share some of your random acts.