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thankful for my family, happy and healthy and safe.
thankful for our health: croup, cough, dislocated ribs…it could be so much worse.
thankful for the ability to work for myself.
thankful to be able to stay home with my son.
thankful for the readers of Oh Lovely Day.
thankful for this supportive wedding blogging community.
thankful for my laptop.
thankful for coffee, especially of the pumpkin spice variety.
thankful for my wonderful mother, and all of our loved ones including my brother, stepfather, and in-laws.
thankful for the best friends a girl could ever have – loving, lifelong friends.
thankful for a patient and understanding husband.
thankful for charlie’s laugh and smile.
thankful for his kisses, and hugs, and requests for big tucks and little tucks at bedtime.
thankful for a warm and cozy home.
thankful for dark chocolate.
thankful for hot chocolate.
thankful for a friend who takes lovely photos of my family.
thankful, more than anything, for my two boys’ love.
happy thanksgiving to you and yours.
{photos by jennifer roper}
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