Today’s planning tips post is to help the real women out there who don’t fit into the sample sizes and are shopping for their dream wedding dresses.  Pretty Pear Bride, the site for all of your plus-sized bride needs, is here to share some tips.
Being a bride in general can be one of the most stressful times of a bride’s life.  There are so many decisions to make; picking a wedding date, finding a fabulous venue, deciding on amazing colors and the list goes on and on.  But when you add in being a plus size or full figured bride you deal with all these things and then some.
Now, I’m not saying that non plus brides don’t have tons of wedding planning stress because they do BUT as a plus bride, you deal with situations and scenarios that are unique.  I have heard horror stories of how hard it is/was being a plus size bride and it just breaks my heart because being engaged and getting married should be the most exciting time of your life. But the number one thing that always resonates in a plus size bride’s mind is “Am I going to be able to find THE dress”?  And as crazy as it is this is nowhere near as easy as it sounds.   

The main thing to point out that is completely different with being a plus bride as opposed to a non plus bride is that a non plus bride has little to no worries about her wedding dress. She will be able to find her dress in any wedding salon, aside from financial constraints and I can’t help you with that at all.  But with plus brides sometimes finding THE dress is not as cut and dry.  First off there is a size constriction, a plus size bride can’t just walk into a wedding salon and expect to try on tons of dresses.  It is a scary fact that over 75 percent of dress shops don’t stock wedding gowns over a size 12.  Now I don’t know about you but I haven’t been a size 12, and especially a wedding size 12 since I was in high school.  Yes, high school!  So right off the bat plus size brides struggle with finding locations that carry gowns that they can actually fit.  But times are a changing and plus brides no longer have to worry that they won’t find their perfect dress.  Yes, it might take a little more research and it might take a few more visits to salons but there are more options available.  There are salons and boutiques popping up all over the country that cater to plus size brides.  Their facilities are stocked with gowns from 14 and up.  So as a plus size bride, you are now able to have that glorious feeling that you will find your perfect dress and finally be able to say “I found THE dress” 

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