I know what some of you are thinking? Wait, I’m already spending (insert large amount of money) on (insert wedding vendor catagory).  Are you saying I have to tip on top of that?  In many cases, the answer is yes.

I’m one of those people who overtips.  I tip everyone for everything.  I have worked for tips in my life.  I understand what tipping is about and how much it is appreciated.  And I’m pretty sure I tipped all of my vendors in one way or another (whether it was a gift of appreciation or the customary tip, which for me is 20%).  My motto is “when in doubt, TIP.”  But, I also understand that many most of you are on a tight budget when planning a wedding and tipping everyone 20% on top of their fees can get expensive.    So I thought this helpful tip cheat sheet from Southern Weddings Mag would come in handy!

tips on tipping your wedding vendors cheat sheet from Iloveswmag via oh lovely day

This is a great little cheat sheet to give you a guide when tipping.  But if a vendor went above and beyond or did something totally not in their usual list of duties, a tip is nice gesture even if it isn’t required.  And I love the little note on the sheet: a grateful spirit and a genuine thank you note go a long way.  Everyone should get a hand-written thank you note!

I hope you find this helpful in your budgeting and tipping for your wedding vendors.  Another tip: to keep this from hurting your wallet right before the wedding, build the tip into your wedding budget from the start so there are no surprises.