Happy Monday, lovelies!  I’m probably lounging on a beach in Kauai as we speak (don’t hate – it’s been years since I had a proper vacay), so today my friend and fab wedding planner Nicole of Green Ribbon Party Planning Co is guest posting, with 6 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner.  She has great style & taste and a lovely site, so go check it out!  Take it away, Nicole!

Planning a wedding is a tremendous undertaking. It requires countless hours of research, emails and meetings plus a good amount of money and for most people, it is the only large scale event they will ever have to plan. There is a learning curve and unless you intend to plan over and over again, you may never know all that you need in order to help you save money and get the day of your dreams. That’s often where a planner comes in, but not only that, there are several places a planner can assist you. Here are 6 reasons you should hire a wedding planner. 

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{You want your family and friends to enjoy the day with you} 
Often your friends and family will volunteer to help you with the planning process and with the day of duties. However when their excitement wears off, sometimes they are nowhere to be found. Even if they are very well-meaning, they often don’t have the experience to know what they are looking at when reviewing contracts and they don’t have vendor relationships. They may even tire of talking about your wedding, while it is a planner’s job to talk all about weddings for hours on end. On the big day, you want your friends and family to be enjoying their time with you and not working away. For parents especially, it is an important day for them too and you don’t want them putting out your linens and missing out on precious time with your aunts and uncles who they rarely see. You don’t want to have any resentment against friends and family if they aren’t performing the way you want, because after all, they are doing you a favor. A planner gets paid to make sure your day is perfect and handle any hiccups so you can remain happy and stress-free. 

{Venue site managers work for the site and not for you}
Some couples think they don’t need a planner because the venue has a site manager. That could not be farther from the truth. The site manager is employed by the venue and that is their main priority. They are there to make sure the service runs smoothly. They do not know all of the details of your design and often don’t even stay for the whole night. They tend to stay through the ceremony and then leave the banquet captain in charge. You need someone who is acting on your behalf, grabbing your gifts, making decisions for you and coordinating your vendors so you don’t have to. 

{You care about your budget no matter what it is} 
No matter if you have a modest budget or an unlimited one, a planner will help you find vendors, within that budget, who can best suit your vision. They can save you time and money because they know what is a fair price for what you want and very often they can get you discounts due to their relationships with vendors. A planner is in the position to use vendors over and over and therefore, a vendor you think might be too expensive could be willing to come down in price in order to work an event with your planner. Plus a vendor can tell you what points are negotiable and what vendors will be firm on. 

{You have a design vision or you don’t}
Whether you know exactly what you want or you have no idea, a planner can help you either bring your dream to life or cull all of your ideas into one singular design theme. In the age of pinterest and countless wedding blogs, brides can often be overwhelmed by all of the choices before them. Sometimes there is almost too much to look at and decisive brides suddenly can’t make a decision. A planner can act as a reassuring voice, validating decisions and suggesting new ideas. 
{You need a mediator} 
Sometimes, families don’t all see eye-to-eye on what should happen on the wedding day. This day is special for not only the couple, but their family and friends as well. There are lots of opinions, especially where money and tradition are involved. It is good to have someone who can provide an expert opinion on wedding-related issues and serve as a neutral third party. 

{You would like a happy and stress-free wedding day}
Things go wrong on wedding days, people get lost or show up late, things don’t get set-up where they are supposed to, food service can be slow and with no one to regulate these mistakes and stay on top of things, you might have an unhappy experience. Many times a couple will never even know anything was amiss on their day and that’s because a planner has solved the problem before anyone even realized something had gone wrong. A planner looks out for your needs and is constantly making sure that everyone is where they should be and things are running according to schedule. I hope I was able to shed some light on how valuable it is to hire a planner. With all of the time and money you will invest in your wedding, shouldn’t you hire someone to keep everything and everyone on track? Many brides say that not hiring a planner was their one regret, don’t let it be one of yours! 

*images via Katie Vowels for Annie McElwain