Happy Friday, my lovelies!  I hope you had a good week but have an even better weekend in store.  Things have been crazy busy around my house, but the kind of busy where you feel good about the progression of life.  There have been some things I wanted to close the door on, move on from, and let go of in my life (don’t we all have something like that hanging over us at some point) and I’m finally doing that.  And I feel like I’ve recently taken a great turn in my post-baby life, some health issues I had afterwards, and a rut those things sort of put me in.  I swear, I want to start some sort of baby/mom blog to share those experiences because I *wish* I had heard someone else talk about the things I went through – it would have made my experience less lonely and isolating.  But I’m having a hard time keeping up with one blog, so two isn’t yet in my future 🙂  Yet…

{my week in instagrams}

As you can see, Charlie and I had lots of fun. He conquered the big boy slide, we had our last mommy & me swim class, and there was lots of playtime.  I also enjoyed some non-Charlie time with my husband at the Hatfields & McCoys pre-Emmy party (see him doing some pub and my hot shoes that my feet still haven’t recovered from).  It was a great week.  Follow along for more.  And in case you missed any of this week’s posts…

{weekly wrap-up}
{monday} a rustic ranch wedding to ring in fall
{tuesday} my top 3 bridal beauty looks inspired by the emmys
{wednesday} another gorgeous fall wedding, full of DIY and color!
{thursday} a bridal shower idea that you or your bride will love, for years and years

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So, who is having a wedding, attending a wedding, or prepping for a wedding this weekend?  Where are my fall brides?  Whatever you’re doing, enjoy!  xx