You know one detail from my wedding I put like zero thought into?  My groom’s boutonniere!  I totally dropped the ball on it, and although my florist did a great job coming up with something, I really regret not thinking up a unique bout idea.  Here are some tips for dreaming up one for your groom:

{Incorporate Your Season into Your Groom’s Boutonniere}

incorporate the season into your groom's boutonniere via Oh Lovely Day
{DIY a Personalized Bout for Your Groom}
non-traditional DIY boutonnieres for your groom
{Use or Create a Family Heirloom}
use or create a family heirloom with your groom's boutonniere
{Use a Non-Floral Element from your Wedding Style or Theme}
non-floral boutonniere ideas for your groom
So, what’s your boutonniere style?  Traditional floral or will you be taking one of my ideas and going for something more unique?  Have a wedding season or style in mind but not sure what kind of bout you want?  Let me know – I’d be happy to help!