Remember last week’s gorgeous lavender New Zealand wedding?  Well, today the bride is sharing her DIY for the embroidery table numbers.  I really love this project and hope it will inspire you!  Take it away, Suani.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Table Numbers full tutorial from oh lovely day
{DIY Embroidered table numbers}

·         An embroidery hoop for each of your tables

·         Quilting cotton

·         Embroidery thread

·         Needle

·         Parchment paper

·         Scissors

·         Colored card


1.       Using the inner hoop from the embroidery hoop, trace and cut out a circle of coloured 
          cardboard. Keep this to one side; you’ll need it at the end.

2.       Cut a square out of your quilting cotton that is about 3” larger than the diameter of the hoop. 
          Iron flat and put into the hoop.

3.       Print out your table numbers– you can play around with font and size depending on the 
          style you are after.

4.       Trace your number onto a piece of parchment paper. Pin the parchment paper securely onto 
          the fabric in the hoop.

5.       Thread your needle, double it up and knot the end. Using the parchment paper as a guide 
          for the shape of your number, sew, working from one side to the other, going from top to 
          bottom, with the thread pulled flat vertically.

6.       After finishing the number, you should have a perforated line around the number. Gently 
          pull the excess parchment paper away from around the number.  
7.       Fold the excess fabric into the back of the embroidery hoop, and press in the card, which  
          should hold the excess fabric in place; neatening the back of the table number.
DIY Embroidery Hoop Table Numbers full tutorial from oh lovely day

They are so fun to make, and the more you do, the quicker you get. The first one took me about 45 minutes, then I got into the groove, and they took me about 15-20 mins.

Don’t you love these!?  And you don’t need to know how to sew to do them.  I hope one of you lovely bride readers do these!  If you do, let me know – I’d love to see them.  Happy DIY’ing.

all photos by Joanna Wickham